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Basic Macro Guide Page 1

So you are thinking about making yourself a couple macro's to reduce the number of times you click, or maybe to combine a couple special skills together.

In this tutorial we will cover the basics of Macro making in Lineage 2.

I will assume that you have already played Lineage 2, and that you are familiar with the basic functionalities of the game. If you seem to be having issues with this tutorial, you can also hop onto our forums to seek help from the community.

How to Macro - Step 1

Lets load up the System Options screen. Once up, Click on the macro button as shown in the picture below.

How to Macro - Step 2

This window will contain all your Macros, it pretty much works like your character inventory window, each Macro will occupy a grid space in this window.

Lets get started with out first Macro. We will do something really basic, a macro that will make your character attack a monster and call out the target in group.

So, first things first, click on the ADD button on the bottom of the window as shown on the image below.

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June 5, 2006