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Chronicle I Player Commands

  • Player commands provide additional actions that are not available through the in-game user interface.
  • These commands can be entered by typing them in the chat window, followed by the parameter, if required.

Macro Limitations

You are allowed upto 24 Macros per character
A macro's name consists of a maximum of 12 characters, an Acronym of upto 4 characters, and a description of upto 32 characters
Each macro may contain up to 12 rows of commands, and each row may contain upto 32 characters
A macro cannot call another macro as part of its execution




! [message] Global chat
+ [message] Trade chat
# [message] Party chat
@ [message] Clan chat
$ [message] Alliance chat
Friend / Ignore
/friendlist Display the friend list
/friendinvite [char] Add a player to the friend list
/frienddel [char] Remove a player from friend's list
/blocklist List of blocked players
/block [char] Add a player to the block list (ignore and stop trade)
/unblock [char] Remove a player form the block list
/allblock   Blocks text in all chat channels
/allunblock   Removes the text block
/evaluate   Recommend another player
GM / Petition
/gm [message] Initiate a petition to the GM staff
/gmcancel Cancel a petition that has already been sent
/gmlist Browse online GMs
/loc Display current location in x, y, z
/sit Sit down
/stand Stand up
/walk Toggle walk on/off
/run Toggle run on/off
/mountdismount Mount or dismount a strider
/attack [target] Attack the target
/attackforce [target] Force attack a target
/attackstand [target] Attack while in a fixed position
/target [target] Select target
/targetnext Select next attackable target
/assist [target] Choose the selected target
/invite [char] Invite to party
/leave Leave current party
/dismiss [char] Dismiss from party
/partymatching Look for a party
/pickup Pick up nearest object
/trade [target] Trade with the player targeted
/vendor [item] Set up a private store for selling
/buy [item] Set up a private store for buying
/privatemanufacture   Set up a private manufacturing store
/allyinvite [target clan leader] Invite a clan into an alliance
/allyoust [clan] Dismiss a clan from the alliance
/allyleave Leave an alliance
/allydismiss Dismiss the entire alliance
/allycrest Add an ally's crest
/allyinfo Display alliance status
/allywarstart [alliance] Start a war with another alliance
/allywarstop [alliance] Stop a war with another alliance
/allywarsurrender [alliance] Surrender to another alliance
Social Emotions
%target Displays current target in chat
%self Displays your name in chat
%pet Displays your pet's name in chat
%party1~%party8 First to last party member names displayed in chat

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