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Added May 29th 2005

"Wrong from the Getgo" Scam

Here is a story sent to us, which depicts sometimes how far scammers will go to get your stuff. Even the players you consider "best friends" sometimes have an agenda which sometimes may not play in your favor. Folks, I have said this over and over again. Never hand off your stuff... ever. Unless you are willing to lose your items, a trade is a trade, NCsoft doesn't distinguish the differences between a loan and a trade. Anyhow, onwards with our scam story!


Hey guys, i am JohnShawn on Lineage2. I am on today to tell you about the story of how i lost my 25mil.

I had this friend DarkAveng3r and we were close pals. She told me to pm her once i reached level 52. I could afford all my armour, in total 30mil. We trusted each other like brothers and one day this guy pmed me on a char named HandOfZeus and he told me i have a present for him. He said he was gonna enchant everything for me. Obviously i wasnt going to listen to him because you should never loan anything unless its your most trust worthy friend. He said he was Darkaveng3r and i asked him 10questions (and one of those questions nobody else knew except for him and me and nobody else). He answered them all right!

It was him so i lend him my stuff and he was "supposed" to enchant them BUT once i gave him my B grade items he says that "HAHAHA GUESS WHAT!" i felt kind of weery inside. He said i hacked DarkAveng3r and jsut tricked you right now" I didnt just start spamming immediately. I got a pen and paper and wrote evreything down.

It turns out i have proof that HandOfZeus is DarkAveng3r! Heres the list of clues i searched for and found out how i got scammed by my best friend.

1)HandOfZeus ran to the Giran Warehouse and i knew he was freighting my objects to DarkAveng3r. In 1 minute, DarkAveng3r loggs on and says "Hey buddy, anything special happen today ^.^" i replied saying "no"

2) DarkAveng3r came to the Giran Warehouse and we all know why she was there to take my stuff that HandOfZeus freighted to her.

3) I made an alt imeadiately and frieghted 50k to her so she could teleport to DragonValleyCave and sit there and wait to see DarkAveng3r. While waiting, on all chat i hear DarkAveng3r shout !WTS DUAL SLS AND ZUBEI CHEAP!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. So i went back on JohnShawn and pmed her and said i saw you shouting in DragonCaveValley !WTS SLS......... She said its a surprise, i want to see how much money you lsot so they could pm me with the price and I add it alltogther.

DarkAveng3r is a really good scammer but really bad at lying. Well I have more clues to lead to the truth but, you guys read hat i wrote and you can see already she is teh scammer. If you ever see DarkAveng3r please shout out HANDOFZEUS in his face or report him for teh sake of Lineage2 and for the sake of yourself and the inosent people who are having fun on this fun game.

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Added March 30th 2005

"Trust me!" Scam

You know when you see something that you really want, and you would do just about anything to give it a whirl. Someone nice enough is willing to let you try it, but will hold your stuff as colateral... BAD IDEA. Here is the testimonial of someone that got robbed of alot, just cause he wanted to try out the striders.


This is what happened

On bartz I got scammed by the player named Handofzeus. My sls, And full plate set. But after a long while of figuring out the clues. I realize it was darkaveng3r.

This is how the scam happened.

I meet darkaveng3r, realise she has 4 striders. And I love it. She is so nice, and for some reason, she keeps asking me when I get my full plate set and sls. I asked her to ride the strider before though. She tells me yes, but not today. Next week or so, Handofzeus logs in, and I just bought my full plate gear and SLS +3 Focus. Handofzeus is claiming that she was her cousin. And he knew EVERYTHING about her. And that she wanted me to ride her strider. And it was darkaveng3r's one.

She told me how can she trust me, and if I wanted to ride it, I would loan her my items until im done riding it. We were in the wild, and I gave her my items first. Darkaveng3r is nice, I trusted him so much. She had D, C, And B grade stuff. And she is level 43. I trusted him like a brother. He uses SOE, and teleports to Giran. And put my stuff in his warehouse. Then darkaveng3rs loggs in. There goes my stuff. I had no chance of getting it back, the least I could do is figure out the main. Darkaveng3r!!>

Here are the clues.

He knew everything about darkaveng3r. So I PMed ppl that got scammed by him. 2 people and they both knew darkaveng3r.

I pmed darkaveng3r, telling her about this. And she said she cant do nuttin. She said she would of gave me stuff but she had no money or the items that I lost. I go to cruma. (where she is) and tell her I am in giran. I CATCH her selling sls +3 focus.

She had 4 striders. Then she tells my alt (which she doesnt no) she has 3. Her 4th one in Handofzeus. She also tells my alt she has 32 million adena and that she is selling full plate.

Everytime Handofzeus logs in, Darkaveng3r is off, and vise versa. For a week its been like that. Darkaveng3r always leaves her character on when she is away.

I PM handofzeus (darkaveng3r) saying you are darkaveng3r. And when darkaveng3r logged, she is like, why do u think i scammed you!?, and ask her wut do u mean, and shes like the leader told me I told him, which I did, but some stuff I didnt tell him which she Knows.

I pmed the gm. And all they said its my fault (which it is) and they did nothing about it, I wish they would, Because I lost all my hard work!!!!

DONT let this happen to you! Please, I dont want anyone to suffer what I did, because I worked hard for my items.

So let this be a lesson to you all to NEVER trust anyone ingame. Too many people fall prey to things like this one... Think before you give your stuff to someone.

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Previous Scams

Added Jan 1rst 2005

"Pass to my alt" Scam

This is just a reminder to you all that scam are still a very big part of this game, and that they just keep getting smarter and smarter. For all of you players on the Kain server, here is someone's story.


Hi all I am KatiechopsHuA form Kain server, 2 days ago i was scammed for a full Zubei Heavy Set and a +3 Kashaberk SA Focus, there is nothign i can do about it, except warn others of how i was scammed.

Basicly, I Giran with 2 mates, I was showing them my new equipment and they were taking turns wearing it. They both had a shot and passed it back.

Then one asked me to pass it to his low lvl alt so we could watch his super slowmo fighting, which I did, he then asked for the sheild which is not past of the zubie set or affect speed, which made me get a funny feeling... My mate name was a long funny one which is a running joke as i always speel it wrong.. I clicked on his char looked at chat... Baldarak.... [censored] Baldarek.. ****!!!!!

Just like that 8 months work down the drain,, the guy then walk across down and set up a sell shop even had nerve to over price them too

What they did

  • 1. noticed us exchanging equipment
  • 2. got another player / account to create and similair name to the most complicated name
  • 3. while at home village that char starts pming me to hand it over to the other lvl 1 throw away character.

yeah they had to be in right place at right time.. and hit our pm chats at right time not to stand out, and needed me not to notice spelling difference,, but i guess if they try it enough times it pays off.

How to avoid? only way is never to exchange with anyone EVER.. and that is sad, I may have lost all that money but if my mates want to borrow my equipment I gonna let them, stuff the scammers they are not changing the way I want to play the game, I'll just make sure the name is absolutely correct and double check everytime

I was gutted at first, but all the repsonse i had form so many as the new spread has let me come to terms with it quickly I will get back a basic set of fp and a sod with help from my clan and play on until wow-europe come out which i was planning to move to anyways.. I would have like to hand my clan 50million as a leaving present though .. thats the only thing upsetting me now

But hey,, I got my health, I got my PC and I got my Mates.. do we need anything else??

OH PS only thing I have to say about nsoft is, yeah i didn't expect or ask for my stuff back my mistake.. but i did expect them to uphold the rules of conduct. rule 1.

"While playing Lineage II, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. "

Well these guys went out of the thier way to destroy my enjoyment of the game, used trick names with the intent of defrauding me of my equipment and do u think scaming me of over 40 million would cause me distress??? just and BIT!

but hey they did email the standard, use pvp tool.. in town? the other player rep will be ruined.. yeah for the 7 days for it to delete after he sold it all and handed adena to his main.. or sold it for 500$ I have screen shot of it al too but they don't give a stuff.. Scammers 1 - Good Guys 0 only ppl left paying or the server sooon will be the scammer when thier no good guys left..

I hope you all read this and remember to never lend your gear to anyone, unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing. Scammers have gotten pretty damn slick lately, so please... BE CAREFUL

Please keep your eyes peeled and if you beleive you've been scammed, Take Screenshots and Contact a GM immediately.

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Added Dec 28th 2004

Text Color Scam

A couple of players have fallen victim to this type of font-color change hack, that allows regular "white" chat to look like "green" groupchat or "purple" whisper chat.


"The GMs really need to investigate this. It seems like the same group of people, because our scammer was called "riririri" (another thread mentioned a scammer using this tactic called "gigigigi")" - Bagu_Gustin ~ Gustin Server

"2 of my clan mates and I were in Giran this afternoon and he tried this with us.He was a male light elf with the name gigigigi.Luckily we were on TeamSpeak and I was telling my mate to stop bugging me I was not letting anyone try on my stuff.
The pm were coming from my mates name but it was telling me to let this gigigigi person see my stuff!I contacted a gm submited screenshots ." - Nasharo ~ Gustin Server

Looks like the people on Gustin are having a real problem, Lets hope the devs hurry up on fixing this one. Meanwhile, Please keep your eyes peeled and if you beleive you've been scammed, Take Screenshots and Contact a GM immediately.

Added Dec 22nd 2004

What is the SoP Scam?

The SoP scam is where a person claims by the title of their private store that they are selling Stone of Purity for a very low price. At first glance, it looks like they are giving you a bargain. BUT! They are actually selling D-gemstones... which look the same as Stone of Purity... but are much MUCH less valuable. They'll be pretty useless to you, and you bought them for much more than they are worth... so the scammer gets a very fat profit if people believe him and don't double-check.

That is why you should ALWAYS read before you buy.

Be very careful out there... Aden is a harsh world.

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