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Listing 10 latest added guilds from a total of 88:

Guild NameServerFactionRoleplayingRecruiting
Fate's Assembly
Fate's Assembly is a guild that plays in both the PvE and GvG environments. We work together in game, travel in groups, give f...
Backstage Fire
Currently Small role-playing Guild who just play for fun...
Cult of Chaos
A new guild that wants to make a name for itself in GvG....
hippies against gestapo
just a guild who does pvp on a semi-regular basis unless we find a guild named gestapo then we will do gvg with them every day...
Legends Never Die
A Quebec-Canada based Guild with over 50 members!...
aXe Effect
A new guild that likes to have a good time and makes an effort to help our newer members to do well in PvE. Now saving up for a...
Face Kickers
This is a new guild made by 3 friends. We are a roleplaying and pvp guild we have a cape and we are working on a guild hall. We...
Legion of deaths falme
small guild we still need members and we are working on hall...
The Turner of Tides
The Turner of Tides is a guild me and my 2 roomates made....
The Triumph Of Steel
Started 13.06.05. ...

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June 5, 2006