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Knowledge Centre Library

Welcome to the site version of our very successful Knowledge Centre Library on the Guild Wars LQGaming forums. Every single article every submitted to the Knowledge Centre will be posted here and organized in the most complete way possible. Currently, this conversion will take some time so not every article will be available at once. That said, the conversion should be done before the month is over and all the latest additions will be added as well.

Character Evolutions by Kalendraf

Mesmer, A guide for PvE Dom/Ins/FC Mesmers
Meleemancer, A guide for the blood&melee necromancer
Pyromancer, A guide for the basic fire elementalist
Warrior/Monk, A guide for W/Mo's in Prophecies [NEW]

Skill Focus series by Kalendraf

Skill Focus: Glyph of Sacrifice
Skill Focus: Wastrel's Worry
Skill Focus: Winnowing
Skill Focus: Watch Yourself! [NEW]

Articles by Godslayer

A Guide on Weapon Modification
Damage Output - Lesson One, Weapon Attacks

Articles by Karn Jazzik

An Article on Mesmers

Articles by Lord Sanjuro

Complete Skill List
Secondary Profession Change Quests
The Extra Attribute Point Quests

Articles by madmax10392

Choosing a Bow for your Ranger

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June 5, 2006