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Post of the Week

Post of the Week - Criteria, Restrictions and Winners

The new Post of the Week feature is meant to reward the good, constructive posters on our forums with some recognition, both on the main site and forums. In terms of the former, the weekly selection will be highlighted and for the latter, the winner will receive a unique, one of a kind colour to their user name (expires after one week). Also this page will be used to archive all the past winners to exemplify their constributions to the community and to act as an informative website resource.

Selection Criteria

The selection of the Post of the Week winner is heavily deteriment on how helpful that post is to fellow community members. So this means that not every post will be judged on how detailed or informed it is; helpfullness to the community is equally important. That said, selection criteria will also include how detailed the post is and the knowledge that it reflects on the poster. It is to be noted as well that only on-topic Guild Wars related posts are eligible. We will not be considering off-topic posts at this time.


There are a couple of restrictions that must be placed on this competition. First and foremost, any site staff (moderators, comic team, content staff) are not eligible. The competition is designed to reward our members. Secondly, good behaviour is a determining factor in the winner on a weekly basis. If the poster has to be continually warned by a moderator -- before or after their consideration -- then immediate action will be taken to remove their colours (in the case of after consideration) and it will immediately disqualify any current consideration for the Post of the Week.

Friday January 6, 2006: How to Roll a PvP Character by OSIAS
Friday January 13, 2006: Countering Disrupters, a reply by Lord Sabir
Saturday January 21, 2006: So You Want to Start PvPing by LorienOfMandos
Friday January 27, 2006: How to win a GvG, no matter what build your running by Keyes
Friday February 3, 2006: New PvP type mentioned on the new website, massive battles coming? by Theosebes
Friday February 10, 2006: Want to change standard builds? by Sedai
Friday February 17, 2006: Discussion of the Assassin and Ritualist by Reaper_2k3
Friday February 24, 2006: What makes a good monk? a reply by Poobert
Friday March 3, 2006: So you want to farm Underworld? Here's how by amishgod
Friday March 10, 2006: Reaper analysis of some skill changes, It's not pretty by Reaper_2k3
Friday March 17, 2006: Factions CE - Will you buy? Are you disappointed?, Contents released today by Theosebes
Friday March 24, 2006: Alliance: The Good, Bad, and Ugly by DetrickSky
Friday March 31, 2006: Strategy in Alliance Battles by Theosebes
Friday April 7, 2006: Skill Additions in "Factions" and Skill Balance by Reaper_2k3
Saturday April 15, 2006: The Best of the Post of the Week
Friday April 21, 2006: Making Your Own Solo Builds by Bx441@$
Saturday April 29, 2006: Update - Rest in Peace MMs by FloatingLakes
Saturday May 6, 2006: The Fall of Factions, Opinion by Reaper_2k3
Friday May 26, 2006: Why Mesmers can't find any groups, An Analysis by COLDshiver
Saturday June 3, 2006: What's with all the Assassin hating? by sasafetch

If there are any questions and concerns regarding this competition, please send an e-mail to the Community Manager, Magi!

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June 5, 2006