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Elite Skills

Updated 05/31/05 2:57 PM

Below is a list of Elite skill locations and bosses . If you find any errors or have additions, please e-mail them to magi@lqgaming.com or post them in the Elite Skills thread found in our forums.


Use the quick links below to go to the profession you need.

Elementalist Mesmer Monk
Necromancer Ranger Warrior

Each column can be sorted by clicking on Elite Skill, Location, or Boss.


Elite Skill Location Boss
Elemental Attunement Perdition Rock Geckokaru Earthwind
Ether Prodigy Ring of Fire Lyth Sprayburst
Ether Renewal Elona Reach Vassa Ssiss
Ether Renewal Thirsty Reach Issah Sshay
Glimmering Mark Talus Chute Edibbo Pekpek
Glimmering Mark Witman's Folly Alana Pekpek
Glyph of Energy Mineral Springs Hyl Thunderwing
Glyph of Renewal Perdition Rock Nayl Klaw Tuthan
Lightning Surge Dragon's Lair Facet of Element
Mind Burn Hell's Precipice Scelus Prosum
Mind Freeze Ice Floe Skitt Skizzle
Mind Freeze Witman's Folly Makk Frostfiend
Mind Freeze Spearhead Peak Maak Frostfriend
Mind Shock Snake Dance Old Red Claw
Mist Form Iron Mines of Molodune Eidolon
Mist Form Mineral Springs Ice Beast
Mist Form Snake Dance Sala Chillbringer
Mist Form Talus Chute Brr Windburn
Obsidian Flesh Perdition Rock Harn Coldstone
Thunderclap Abaddon's Mouth Optimus Caliph
Thunderclap Iron Mines of Moladune Kratos the Foul
Thunderclap Iron Mines of Moladune The Inquisitor
Thunderclap Ring of Fire Maida the Ill Tempered
Thunderclap Thunderhead Keep Chrysos the Magnetic
Ward Against Harm Frozen Forest Arknel Havenwood
Water Trident Frozen Forest Borreal Kubeclaw
Water Trident Grenth's Footprint Flint Fleshcleaver
Water Trident Ice Caves of Sorrow Berg Frozenfirst
Water Trident Thunderhead Keep The Judge


Elite Skill Location Boss
Crippling Anguish Frozen Forest Barl Stormsiege
Crippling Anguish Grenth's Footprint Gorrel Rockmolder
Crippling Anguish Lornar's Pass Stone Summit Boss
Crippling Anguish Ice Caves of Sorrow Jonar Stonebender
Crippling Anguish Salt Flats Yxthoshth
Crippling Anguish Sorrow's Furnace Hierophant Marlog
Crippling Anguish Thunderhead Keep Fuury Stonewrath
Echo Perdition Rock Rwek Khawl Mawl
Energy Drain Ice Floe Gambol Headrainer
Energy Drain Witman's Folly Skiik Hungrymind
Energy Surge Abaddon's Mouth Mercia the Smug
Energy Surge Iron Mines of Moladune Balasi the Arcane
Energy Surge Ring of Fire Melek the Virtuous
Fevered Dreams Abaddon's Mouth Plexus Shadowhook
Illusionary Weaponry Iron Mines of Moladune Dirko Mustalker
Illusionary Weaponry Snake Dance Didn Hopestealer
Illusionary Weaponry Talus Chute Seer Windlash
Ineptitude Mineral Springs Wyt Sharpfeather
Keystone Signet Spearhead Peak Rune Ethercrash
Mantra of Recall Dragon's Lair Facet
Mantra of Recall Snake Dance Featherclaw
Mantra of Recovery Dunes of Despair Ayassah Hess
Mantra of Recovery Elona Reach Tiss Danssir
Mantra of Recovery Thirsty River Goss Aleesh
Migraine Ring of Fire Pytt Spitespew
Panic Hell's Precipice Moles Quibus
Power Block Perdition Rock Lyssa's Cursed
Signet of Midnight Perdition Rock Malus Phasmatis


Elite Skills Location Boss
Amity Perdition Rock Pravus Obsideo
Aura of Faith Abaddon's Mouth Willa the Displeased
Aura of Faith Ring of Fire Coventina the Matron
Aura of Faith Talus Chute Kaia Wupwup
Healing Hands Perdition Rock Brull Browbeater
Life Barrier Frozen Forest Esnhal Hardwood
Life Barrier Lornar's Pass Quickroot
Mark of Protection Frozen Forest Mesqul Ironhealer
Mark of Protection Grenth's Footprint Worth Yakslapper
Mark of Protection Irone Mines of Moladune Lokar Icemender
Mark of Protection Thunderhead Keep Bolis Hillshaker
Martyr Perdition Rock Dwayna's Cursed
Peace and Harmony Snake Dance Marnta Doomspeaker
Restore Condition Abaddon's Mouth Spindle Agonyvein
Shield of Deflection Ring of Fire Grun Galesurge
Shield of Judgment Mineral Springs Myd Springclaw
Shield of Regneration Dragon's Lair Facet of Light
Signet of Judgment Iron Mines of Moladune Balt Duskrider
Signet of Judgment Talus Chute Fawl Driftstalker
Spell Breaker Snake Dance Raptorhawk
Unyielding Aura Witman's Folly Ipillo Wupwup
Word of Healing Dunes of Despair Dassk Arossyss
Word of Healing Elona Reach Wissper Inssani
Word of Healing Thirsty River Josso Essher


Elite Skills Location Boss
Aura of the Lich Hell's Precipice Maligo Libens
Blood is Power Snake Dance Cry Darkday
Feast of Corruption Talus Chute Maw The Mountain Heart
Grenth's Balance Dragon's Lair Facet of Darkness
Life Transfer Abaddon's Mouth Sarlic the Judge
Life Transfer Iron Mines of Moladune Feodore the Baneful
Life Transfer Ring of Fire Odelyn the Displeased
Life Transfer Thunderhead Keep Agyrus the Scoundrel
Lingering Curse Perdition Rock Grenth's Cursed
Offering of Blood Thunderhead Keep Riine Windrot
Offering of Blood Frozen Forest Jollen Steelblight
Offering of Blood Grenth's Forgotten Morgriff Stonshade
Order of the Vampire Dunes of Despair ??
Order of the Vampire Elona Reach Rysaa Hisst
Order of the Vampire Thirsty River Hessper Sasso
Plague Signet Witman's Folly Karobo Dimdim
Plague Signet Talus Chute Allobo Dimdim
Soul Leech Abaddon's Mouth Goss Greweb
Spiteful Spirit Fissure of Woe Shadowlord Vogris
Spiteful Spirit Iron Mines of Moladune Ceru Gloomrunner
Spiteful Spirit Snake Dance Sapph Blacktracker
Spiteful Spirit Talus Chute Night Spinechill
Tainted Flesh Perdition Rock Dosakaru Fevertouch
Virulence Frozen Forest Unthub Rotwood
Well of Power Mineral Springs Nhy Darkclaw
Wither Perdition Rock Ignis Effigia


Elite Skills Location Boss
Barrage Iron Mines of Moladune Markis
Barrage Abaddon's Mouth ?
Crippling Shot Perdition Rock Melandru's Cursed
Escape Talus Chute Whuup Buumbuul
Ferocious Strike Spearhead Peak Thul the Bull
Greater Conflagration Hell's Precipice Valetudo Rubon
Incendiary Arrows Ring of Fire Casses Flameweb
Marksman's Wager Elona Reach Custodian Jenus
Marksman's Wager Thirsty River Custodian Phedous
Melandru's Arrows Thunderhead Keep Ulhar Stonehound
Melandru's Arrows Sorrow's Furnace Graygore Boulderbeard
Melandru's Resilience Dragon's Lair Facet of Nature
Oath Shot Abaddon's Mouth Cairn the Relentless
Oath Shot Abaddon's Mouth Willa the Unpleasant
Oath Shot Iron Mines of Moladune Named Jade Bow
Oath Shot Thunderhead Keep Perfected Cloak
Poison Arrow Witman's Folly Salani Pippip
Poison Arrow Talus Chute Kekona Pippip
Practiced Stance Mineral Springs Ryk Arrowwing
Punishing Shot Thul Boulderrain Snakedance
Quick Shot Perdition Rock Maxine Coldstone
Spike Trap Ring of Fire Vulg Painbrain


Elite Skills Location Boss
Backbreaker Perdition Rock (Ettin boss)
Backbreaker Ring of Fire Ferk Mallet
Battle Rage Talus Chute Smurkk Foombuul
Bull's Charge Perdition Rock Skintekaru Manshredder
Charge! Perdition Rock Balthazar's Cursed
Cleave Ice Caves of Sorrow Arlak Stoneleaf
Cleave Iron Mines of Moladune Marka Granitehand
Cleave Thunderhead Keep Gornar Bellybreaker
Cleave Frozen Forest Linka Goldensteel
Defy Pain Frozen Forest Oberhit Barkwood
Devastating Hammer Abaddon's Mouth Cairn the Destroyer
Devastating Hammer Iron Mines of Moladune Martigris the Stalwart
Devastating Hammer Ring of Fire Caim the Destroyer
Devastating Hammer Thunderhead Keep Perfected Armor
Dwarven Battle Stance Iron Mines of Moladune Slonak Copperbank
Earth Shaker Snake Dance Kor Stonewrath
Eviscerate Hell's Precipice Toritudo Probo
Flourish Mineral Springs Syr Honorcrest
Gladiator's Defense Dragon's Lair Facet of Strength
Hundred Blades Abaddon's Mouth Carin the Destroyer
Hundred Blades Hell's Precipice Undead Prince Rurik
Skull Crack Spearhead Peaks Hail Blackice
Victory is Mine! Talus Chute Jono Yawpyawl
Victory is Mine! Witman's Folly Sakalo Yawpyawl
Warrior's Endurance Dunes of Despair Custodian Fidius
Warrior's Endurance Elona's Reach Custodian ?
Warrior's Endurance Thirsty River Custodian Hulgar

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