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Fan Fiction

Here you will find our libraries of fan fiction submitted by the staff of Guild Wars LQGaming or community members. If you would like to see your own stories published in our library send Magi an e-mail.

Eolen's Stories
The Mesmer's Path

Life and Times of a Telvarin Ranger by Maul Junior
Chapter 1: On The Trail of a Grawl

Path Left Unwandered by Ahn-Li
Chapter One [NEW]
Chapter Two [NEW]

The Path of Heroes by Danik
The Attack
The Searing
The Aftermath

The Story of Hondo Willcrusher
The Beginning (Part I)
The Beginning (Part II)
The Beginning (Part III)
The Death and Ressurection (Part I)
The Death and Ressurection (Part II)

Darkness falls on an Unholy World, A poem and a prophecy

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June 5, 2006