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Here you will find all the editorial articles that we host here on Guild Wars LQGaming. The topics will vary and so will the individual authors. Some will focus on one particular aspect of the game -- PvP for instance -- where others will cover a more broad spectrum. It is to be noted as well that editorials are opinion pieces and may not be wholly fact. Please keep this in mind when reading our different authors.

A Different Slant by Skyy High
Why Not to Make a Guild
Faction Imbalances: Don't Worry
"Bad Skills": Why They Exist
'Book Trick' Gets Tanked
Assassins Useless? I Think Not!
Good Grief [NEW]

Common Sense Perspective by Sholtar
Assassin Thoughts
Ressurection Signet

How I See It by SayneyRose
On Newbies
Monks and Teamwork
What a Guild is all About
A Game of Skill
Old Versus New [NEW]

From The Mind of Magi by Magi
Looking Ahead To Factions
Preparing for War
Alliance Battle Impressions
Competitive Missions Lowdown
FPE Wrap-Up
Factions: It's Days Away
Chapter 3 Speculation
Ramifications of Factions Success [NEW]

Misc Editorials
In Defense of Rank by Wratheth Br
Alliance Battle Thoughts by Keyes

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June 5, 2006