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Q&A Part Deux

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Q&A Part Deux

Sorry for the tardiness of this the Second half of the Day 2 report. In this Question and Answer Session we had a large group of the content people who were able to answer our questions. My notes were not as well written for this second portion of the Q&A however a lot of details were revealed and explained. I will try to get as much information as I can while trying to be as accurate as possible.

The second portion of the Question and Answer took place after out visit to the Space Needle where we had lunch in the rotating restaurant. For those of you visiting Seattle I highly recommend you visit this just for the beautiful view of the Seattle area. While on our lunch we got to visit and mingle with some of the members that we would be talking with. This made it a little more relaxing as we already had talked with them about a number of different things.

I do not remember the specific person who asked the questions or whom was able to answer them and so I will list all participants.

Joe Lay (Meatman), The Guild Hall
Francois (Frank) Messier (Mesklinite), TheGuildWars.net
Gerry Toews (Chile), RPGStars
John Warson (Warnock), Guild Wars LQGaming
Richard Yale (Geograd), Guild Wars Warcry

Gaile Gray, Mark Meier, Jess Lebow, Curtis Johnson, and James Phinney who popped in about half way through, ate some muffins answered some questions then left to work on more content.

Q. How will players reach ascension and could you explain the structure of the single player missions. And explain a little more about the story of the game?

A. The first 14 missions will most likely be 4 player missions. After that most of the missions will become 8 player missions. Currently all of the missions (number changing all the time) are going to be set points of time within the storyline. This will allow players to experience the story in a linear progression. This also relates to the Ascension of your character. We plan on your character reaching ascension at or around the 15th mission. However players will be able to gain or raise levels by using the Hunting grounds or other ways to level up. Of course there will always be sub plots within each mission where you can take little quests
Once you have reached ascension which plays an integral part of the story then you will be able to collect more skill points and be able to enter tournaments. You will always be able to play in PvP maps such as Arenas. With ascension you gain access to the tournaments. But you will still be moving along the storyline.

Q. Will there be boats in the game?

A. “Down by the shore there will be pretty boats”

Q. Will Cloaks be available for character customizations?

A. Possibly still under development.

Q. Is Guild Alignment an option for guilds in the game?

A. Guild Alignment will probably not be worked into the game because missions are set static. Therefore aligning Guilds with either a good or evil side would cause problems with missions.

Q. Will we be able to align ourselves with other races such as the Charr?

A. Will not be able to within the game because of the structure of the missions.

Q. Will Guilds be able to create Treatises with other guilds?

A. This system has not been finalized at this time.

Q. Will there be consumable goods such as food or potions?

A. We do not have any plans for food at this time and potions could cause an imbalance in pvp we are still considering all options at this time.

Q. How will Items affect game play?

A. As you play the game items will become more specialized. We want items to have a story behind their existence. Therefore if you find a certain weapon you will know that it came from that mission or from this quest. There will also be a lot of customizations that you will be able to do to your weapons. pyro-armor is one example which protects against fire you also will have other items that will enhance elemental specialties. We still see items as an aid to skills we want players to be able to jump into a match and have a chance against someone whop has super armor and weapons.

Q. Will there be friendly Fire?

A. Currently there is no friendly fire however it is still under consideration. We are weighing different ideas on the subject.

Q. How will Tournaments work within the game?

A. Tournaments will take place and the strongest teams will be the teams that can hold their position for the longest time. Different tournaments will have different requirements.

Q. Will Guild Halls be purchasable or will there be items to purchase for your Guild Hall?

A. All Guilds will gain access to Guilds from creation however there will be Purchasable Guild mercenaries. Currently some of these are Elementalist, archers, and guild thieves.

Q. Will there be customizable guild ranks for guilds to use?

A. There are currently no plans to provide customizable ranks within guilds; however we are supporting certain levels of guild ranks. We want the members of the guild to have differing levels of control over the addition and administration of the Guild. Still under construction.

Q. Will we be able to try other classes with the limit of characters? How will this be played when or if new characters types are added in with expansions

A. (Gaile answered this question) currently the number of characters is about 4 per account, still undecided on what the final number of characters will be. This question is hard to answer as you will not be able to play the thirty different character types on the same account so players will have to mix and match until they find the type they like. What players will find is that some combinations will not be there cup of tea. Now say in future expansions we add new character types you then add that many new combinations. Therefore players will have to find the combinations they like however numbers of characters are not finalized.

Q. Will we get a slotted character doll?

A. We don’t think this is necessary. We like the current system. You are now able to equip onto your model verse a paper doll and you get a true look at what your character looks like with his/her new equipment.

Q. Will there be a ladder system?

A. There will most definitely be a ladder system. What and exactly how we will implement it is still under consideration. We are at a point of a discussion of the matchmaking system. After that we will get the ladder system built in and working.

Q. Will we see duel wielding warriors?

A. Probably not in retail version very possible for the first expansion.

Q. Are Polearms available as a weapon type?

A. We are still at work on Polearms.

Well that is all I can pull from my notes. I hope this information has added some understanding of the game. I would also like to thank all the participants as well it was most gracious.

Special Thanks to Gaile Gray, Jess Lebow, Curtis Johnson, Mark Meier, and James Phinney for taking time out of their day to answer our questions.


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June 5, 2006