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Keyboard Commands

   Keyboards commands are used to control you character's movement and camera angle from the keyboard.

W Walk forward
S Walk Backwards
A Strafe Left
D Strafe Right
H Character Menu
Space Bar Attack Target
M World Map
C Target Closest Character
Z Reverses Camera (camera faces character, allows you to determine who is following you)
1-9 Skill Hotkeys
Tab Switch between weapons
ALT+Enter Toggle Windowed Mode
Down key twice Character spins around to face the opposite direction
Point + Click Move to location
Ctrl Display names of nearby Foes/Characters
Alt Display names of nearby items/objects
Click Action
Scroll Button Adjust view distance
Ctrl + Scroll Precise adjustment of view distance

Game Commands

   Game commands will give you vital information about your character and alter your chat modes.

/age Number of hours you have played with the current character and total time elapsed since creation .
/deaths Number of times you have died.
/g Enters you into Guild chat mode.
/p Enters you into Party chat mode.
/petname (name)
/namepet (name)
To give your pet a name.


   Emotes are a method of controlling your character and expressing actions in game such as waving, bowing and sitting.

/prs = paper rock scissors
/roll <#>

Musical Emotes

/violin, /dance, /bowhead, /sit (/afk).


   Constant emotes where you will remain in position until moving or chaning the emote


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June 5, 2006