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Community Day 1

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Over the past couple weeks I have been in communication with ArenaNet about the possibility of joining them for their first ever Community Day. I of course was more than excited to participate. So as the days drew closer I learned more and more about what I had to look forward too. We also just announced on our site the facts that we would be making the trip and I asked for a number of questions. What most of you did not know is the extent at which ArenaNet has worked at ensuring that the participants of this their first of hopefully many Community Days. The Community day is meant to allow the fan sites that work so hard at presenting you with quality Guild Wars information on a daily basis to be able to meet with the team and maybe get a better understanding of the game. It however is an invite only event so for those of you sites who were not able to attend this event there will be future events ****Disclaimer - please do not E-mail Gaile about getting invited to the next event she probably has a good idea of whom she will be inviting next time around as their are many wonderful sites out there that were not represented but that she really wanted for them to know she will be having another event**** So with that all said I am presenting the first day as a sort of Diary of events. Hopefully Day 2 will be a lot more information packed.

So my day of fun at ArenaNet began with an air flight from Sacramento to Seattle where I was set to meet up at the Spirit of Washington Train station. My flight landed and I busily scuttled through the airport to find the way to a taxi. I also had the address of the Train station however I wasn't sure how to get there. I found a Taxi and was soon on my way to Renton Washington where my Taxi driver found the stop and I got out. Once at the station I began to look for the other people whom I had heard were coming. All I knew was that Gaile Gray the CR person for ArenaNet was going to meet me and another member of the event at the train stop with everyone that had gotten into town earlier. So I sat and waited. I began to get a little worried when the Train started loading at 5:45pm and I had not a single site of anyone who resembled Guild Wars fans.

Joe(TGH) & Gerry (RPGstars)

That is when I noticed "Chile" Gerry Toews of RPGStars looking as lost as me. So I interrupted him at the front desk and introduced myself. We then waited and soon after "Geograd" Richard Yale of Warcry showed up and he called Gaile who let us know they were on there way. A short time later the other fan site members arrived with Gaile. The other two fan site visitors were "MeatMan" Joe Lay of The Guild Hall and "Mesklinite" Frank of TheGuildwars.net. We loaded on the train after a group photo and were on our way.

For those of you who don't know the Spirit of Washington is a wonderful dinner train that takes you on a trip from Renton, WA to the Columbia Winery and back again. We were provided with fantastic seats in the upper section where we could see all the amazing scenery. We also had a fantastic meal and tasted wine at the winery. We also had a wonderful dessert. However the most fascinating adventure was the discussion with Gaile Gray whom many of you may or may not remember from one of the greatest fan sites of all time http://www.diabloii.net she is also now the Community Relations Manager for ArenaNet.

The conversation ranged from the plans for the next day to the intense discussion as to whether Level Restrictions on items are a positive or a negative thing. I for one was very excited to get a chance to discuss the game with someone working on it as well as meeting the people behind the fan sites that we all know and enjoy every day. I am not sure how the other passengers on the train enjoyed the exploding corpse and summoning dead creatures. Although it was a very interesting and fun way to get to know each other. Also it made us all feel very comfortable with each other. Although we discussed a lot of information most of it was information for us about what was to come.

So after a long day of traveling and enjoying the dinner train we learned what our next day would entail. Our plans were to be driven over to the Arena.net offices in the morning and then have a round table discussion with Patrick Wyatt. We were then going on a surprise lunch which Gaile had planned for us. We then will be meeting with a group of the developers in a round table discussion until dinner. After dinner we were to join in the all call session on computers set up at the arena.net offices for us.

Mike the limo Driver

So after the wonderful journey on the Train ride we reached the train depot and loaded up in the Limo with our wonderful driver Mike. We then were taken back to the hotel where we were left to contemplate the questions that we had for the next day. We were supposed to also possibly think about different guild ideas that we all may have for the game. The 5 of us also met down in the lobby for a few hours to talk about Guild Wars and the happenings of the day. After that we finished our day.

Overall the first day was mostly a travel day with a wonderful added bonus of getting to know and talk to the other people who were going to be spending the day with. All in all I had a really good time and I am looking forward to getting to the Arena.net offices to gather all the answers to the questions we all have about Guild Wars.


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June 5, 2006