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Chat Room

Network: IRC.Gamsurge.net
Channel: #gwlounge
Easy Link: irc://irc.gamesurge.net/gwlounge

If you don't have an IRC Client then we have available a Java based client. Just type in a username and click on the "Chat!" button below to join us in live discussion.

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IRC Channel Rules

1. No spamming.

2. No advertising. Telling people about your own channel for instance isn't a problem. However, copy and pasting "Join #mychannel please" over and over again, is.

3. No trading. Again, just talking with people about your items for trade is fine, but the channel is not a trade channel. The place to say "Looking for a good sword, willing to pay a lot" is in the trade channel ingame or the Trading Post on GW LQGaming forums.

4. Put some effort into spelling. You don't have to type correctly all the time, but at least try to write what you have to say properly. Typing "you" is only two more letters than typing "u". Don't write in ALL CAPS.

5. Be nice to each other. No flaming other members of the channel.

6. No requesting op/voice.

7. Don't post offensive or objectionable URL's. As to what is objectionable, use common sense.

8. No posting or transmiting sexually explicit images or other content that is deemed by our staff to be offensive.

9. No advocating illegal activities.

10. No impersonating other persons.


Warnings are usually given before a kick/ban. Several warnings can be given on the spelling issue, to make sure both parts understand the situation. Bans last for 24 hours. Come back and do the same offense that got you banned last time, and you're out for 48 hours. This increases to a one week ban. Do the same offense yet another time, and you get a perma ban. These rules are subject to change if the staff feels it necessary to take immediate action if the behavior is deemed unacceptable.

Common Chat Commands:

/join #{chatroomname}
This allows you to join other/multiple chatrooms on the same IRC network.

/nick (enter name here)
This is if you choose to have a different name then what you originally chose.

/away {away message}
Sets you away leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC.

/msg {nickname} {message}
Send a private message to this user without opening a query window.

hint: There are a few rooms that you may be interested in joining:
/join #LQGaming (General LQGaming channel, home of Online Gaming Radio)
/join #eqlounge (Chatroom for eq)
/join #eq2lounge (Chatroom for eq2)
/join #gwlounge (Chatroom for GuildWars)
/join #mxolounge (Chatroom for mxo)
/join #pcity (Chatroom for CoH)
/join #uxolounge (Chatroom for uxo)
/join #tabularasa (Chatroom for tr)
/join #vglounge (Chatroom for vanguard)

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June 5, 2006