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Guild Wars LQGaming Quick Links

Guild Wars News

Post of the Week Winner: sasafetch

 posted by: Magi on Saturday, June 3 @ 7:05 pm

In this weeks edition of the Post of the Week, we go back a couple weeks to a very interesting and relevant topic: the apparant reputation of the new Assassin profession. Our very own forum member -- and subsequent post of the week winner -- sasafetch, provided a very thorough post on this topic and the community responded. For that we have awarded him the Post of the Week!

Click here for his post.

Congratulations sasafetch!

Update Notes - June 2 / 06

 posted by: Magi on Saturday, June 3 @ 1:55 pm

The following changes were made to the Guild Wars client:

  • Opened alliance chat to all members of the alliance, not just guild officers.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from sending alliance chat messages while observing a game.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players on the ignore list from being correctly ignored in guild and alliance chat.

GWFC Open Detailed

 posted by: Magi on Friday, June 2 @ 3:27 pm

The official website for Guild Wars explains about a sixth spot open for the upcoming GWFC finals in Germany. The details are below:

As you may know, the Guild Wars Factions Championship offers an "open" opportunity for a sixth guild to be part of the finals in Leipzig, Germany, in August. We've provided more details, both on the Rules Page for the championship and on a new GWFC Open Page, as well. Read all about it, and we hope to see your guild in Germany!

Update Notes - June 1 / 06

 posted by: Magi on Friday, June 2 @ 12:18 pm

The following changes were made to the Guild Wars client:

  • Decreased the Health penalty on attribute-boosting major runes from 50 to 35. Existing runes are unaffected.

  • Improved chat in alliance battles so that players can see party messages from all members of their team.

  • Updated the Zin Ku Corridor outpost so that it shows who currently has the Favor of the Gods.

  • Added a Xunlai Agent to Zos Shivros Channel.

  • Moved the Xunlai Agent in Jade Quarry [Luxon] to a more accessible location.

  • Removed the Thief from the Imperial Isle guild battle.

  • Updated the inventory of the weaponsmith in Maatu Keep.

  • Updated art on the following creatures: Naga Wizard, Naga Raincaller, Naga Spellblade, Naga Witch, Naga Bone Collector, and Naga Sibyl.

Read the rest of the update notes by clicking here.

New Editorial - Ramifications of Factions Success

 posted by: Magi on Thursday, June 1 @ 7:16 pm

Our very own Community Manager of Guild Wars LQGaming, Magi, has a new editorial on the success Factions has had. In it, he discusses what content was added, how Guild Wars content compares to other titles and whether or not the no-subscription model will be embraced by more games in the future. A snippet is below:

If I were to suggest that the folks over at ArenaNet had a gun to their head when developing Factions, would you believe me? Some would say yes, others no. I suppose some credence can be given to those who would say no; what does a franchise that has had so much success have to worry about? Think about it: though subscribers aren't really tracked, Guild Wars surely boasts one of the largest user bases (which I think can be partially attributed to their no-subscription model) in the business today. Alternatively, as I've eluded to in previous editorials, Factions is the first real test to the no-subscription model - this is where the gun is to ArenaNet's head - so the question then becomes thus: did the team pass the test?

Read the entire editorial here.

New Wallpaper: Canthan Assassin!

 posted by: Magi on Wednesday, May 31 @ 11:38 pm

This will be the last time for awhile that we see Draxonfly's wallpaper masterwork at Guild Wars LQGaming. In arguably his last submission, a Canthan Asassin is depicted.

Check it out and thanks for all your submissions Draxonfly!

New Editorial - Good Grief

 posted by: Magi on Wednesday, May 31 @ 6:03 pm

Our very own Skyy High returns again this week with another solid editorial, this time looking at the issue of "griefers" in Guild Wars. In this piece he identifies the kind of griefers that plague our game and ways to deal with them. A snippet is below:

This editorial will be a bit of a break from my usual focus on the game itself to the more general topic of the players. More specifically, I want to focus on the (seemingly large) segment of the population who are classified in one way or another as "griefers." There are many other names that these players have been called at one point or another - "n00b" would probably be one of the very few that wouldn't trigger the profanity filter - and they exist in every single facet of the game. Yet, for some reason, we continue to treat them in exactly the same manner that we have since, well, I suppose griefers have existed. But that's too large a topic for one article, so I will stick with this one particular game, how griefers manifest themselves in it, and most importantly how we can deal with them.

You can read the entire editorial here.

GWFC Highlight Movies

 posted by: Magi on Wednesday, May 31 @ 5:47 pm

The official website for Guild Wars has uploaded a number of videos from the second season playoffs of the Guild Wars Factions Championships. They can be found by clicking here.

Match Reports, Weekly Wallpaper and Guild of the Week

 posted by: Magi on Wednesday, May 31 @ 5:45 pm

To start, the official website for Guild Wars has a new semi-final match report on the battle between the War Machine and Irresistible Blokes. The report can be found here.

Up next is the weekly wallpaper from the official website. Today's 'paper involves some unique concept art from Factions. It can be found here.

Lastly, the Orphans Of Kukai guild is the 50th guild highlighted in the weekly Guild of the Week feature. That write up can be found here.

Screenshot Caption Competition #20

 posted by: Eolen Whitefist on Tuesday, May 30 @ 9:38 pm

Welcome to Screenshot Caption Competition #20!

First, congratulations to our week 18 winner: mahtar!

You are welcome to submit captions for the screenshot untill Sunday, when we'll post the best five so you can vote on who should be the winner!

Please take the time to vote on the finalists from last week here.

The winner gets their name and caption immortalised forever in the GW LQGaming Gallery!

Also, if you would like to submit a screenshot to be used in the caption competition, simply Send Eolen Whitefist a PM with your screenshot or E-mail your screenshot!

Here is the Screenshot, please use the official news thread to submit a caption.

Good Luck!

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June 5, 2006