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May's World of Warcraft Guild Tour - DROW

May's World of Warcraft Guild Tour!
Featuring: DROW and The Lost Tribe
May 2nd, 2006

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GuildWizard: DROW is a massive guild consisting of players from multiple games. Your guild's home is located at http://www.drow.org. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and what games your guild supports.

DROW: My name is Docx and I am helping out the WoW division of DROW for this feature. DROW itself started off as a group of buddies for the FPS, Quake 1. Then we migrated to Ultima Online and later became a powerhouse in EQ on the Rathe server. Being an active member in DROW and seeing how we began to branch into EQ2, WoW, CoH/CoV, Star Wars Galaxies, Eve Online, D&D Online, FF11, and many soon to come, I chose the opportunity to really become involved with the guild.

GuildWizard: What was interesting about World of Warcraft that brought your guild to the game?

DROW: We are always watching new MMO games in development. When we find a game that looks like it will be good, we find out how much interest there is. There was a ton of interest in WoW so DROW decided to go forward with a team in the game. Many of our members came over from other games in which they have played with DROW such as EQ, DAoC, FFXI, Planetside and I am sure there are others. DROW also is well know throughout the MMO gaming community and at the launch of WoW we had well over 100 people interested in joining our team.

GuildWizard: What do you see as the next big thing with World of Warcraft for your guild?

DROW: The next big thing as a guild for us will be to either kill Cthun or Vicidous. For the game it's really up in the air and basically up to Blizzard. We feel they need to actually fix the Cthun fight or if they don't, we will go after to Vicidous and then work on Cthun some more.

GuildWizard: Everyone chooses a server for one reason or another, whether that'd be PvP, PvE, or just because they like the name. What server did your guild choose in World of Warcraft and why?

DROW: We chose the Doomhammer server as it is one of the beta servers where many of the DROW members started on, simply making their homes. The major reason for this pick was that we are a guild that focuses on PvE instead of PvP.

The next raid instance coming out is Naxxarmous, which houses around 18 bosses. This is going to be a massive instance that will likely be the last raid instance before the next expansion, The Burning Crusade, which will probably be released at the end of this year. We are very excited about this expansion!

GuildWizard: One of the new raids is called AQ40. You've attempted this raid and have gotten quite far but have yet to complete it. What is so challenging about it, and how close are you to completing it?

DROW: We are right there with the rest of the top guilds. The only difference between some guilds on their progression is where they want to focus on.

At one point in the instance you are able to branch off to do an "optional" boss named Vicidious who is a big green blob, and only a handful of guilds had downed him so far.

The next optional boss comes after the twin Emps and is known as Ouro. He is a giant worm that burrows under the ground and pops up to destroy your raid. At this time he is bugged beyond all belief, such as closing off the instance for the rest of the week and the ability to not being able to see where is he burrowing at a given point in time and 8k hits.

The final boss, in which we are giving our attention to for the time being, is known as Cthun, the old god himself and a nasty one at that!

GuildWizard: DROW is a huge guild with well over one hundred members. Our previous weekly discussion topic at GuildWizard touched upon the management issues that occur when a guild population grows. How does your guild manage such a large population with such a popular game as WoW?

DROW: This is always an issue, and when people slack off in terms of performance or playtime, we generally have to let them go their own separate ways so that we can make room for more, completive players to help push the guild along.

GuildWizard: Will you be attending the next Blizzcon?

DROW: We would love to go and will have many DROW members out there at the next Blizzcon. Watch for us!

GuildWizard: As a last question for all those guilds reading this interview, if you had something to say about your guild for new recruits and those interested in participating in the game with your guild or on your guild site, what would you say?

DROW: Come prepared about the game encounters, your class, and a bunch of free time with a positive attitude. Our guild's favorite day of raids is usually Sundays. The reason for this is we do all the instances that we have on farm status. This means that we do MC, BWL, and if the time is open, Onxyia all on Sunday which is a great way to make gold and get a ton of items for the guild.

M-F is awesome in terms of the "fun" quality because each time you learn an instance, being one of the first to down this guy is something that just can't be matched.

GuildWizard: Thank you Docx and everyone from DROW for participating in this interview! Glad such a great guild from the community was able to join us for the premiere of this feature. See you soon on Friday's Ravecast over at Online Gaming Radio!

DROW: Thanks, we'll be there!

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