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Game Representatives

These guilds or leaders of the community are volunteering their knowledge and skills to the community for their specific games that they play. Game Representatives will help us to announce event information across all of the game's guilds, as well as help us identify guild service issues pertaining to their specific game, and much more.

Representative positions are purely volunteer based and take up as much time as you would like to contribute. We simply recognize those who have made a special effort in helping their communities.

If you're interesting in your guild or simply yourself being a representative, please contact us with the following information:

- Your nickname and real name
- Your guild's name and website address, if any
- Representative status (your guild, just you, etc.)
- Which game's community you will be representing
- A little bit about you and/or your guild, your qualifications, ideas, goals, etc.
- What you think of our service and ways you want to help
- Contact information

That's it! A very simple form to help us get to know you better. Any questions, concerns, comments, please e-mail us at: guildwizard@lqgaming.com.

Thanks for your time!

These are the current Game Representatives:

GameRepresentativeContact Information
Auto Assault1st Mechanized Infantry (Guild)Website
World of WarcraftForgotten Fury (Guild)Website
World of Warcraft (Darkspear - Horde PvP)The Lost Tribe (Guild)Website

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June 5, 2006