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Welcome to GW!

Welcome to LQGaming's Guild Hosting Service!

We'd like to official welcome you to LQGaming's Guild Hosting Service, the premier guild hosting service on the internet.

There are many things you can do with our service, ranging from community discussions right here on our main site to building your guild site of course! :). We want you to know about these features and the potential of this service. That is why we've built this main community site and are continously adding guild site tutorials to better assist you in building your guild site the way you want it, so you can start playing your game.

After viewing below many of the features we provide, please take some time to view all the links and contact information provided on the main page at: guilds.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay here at LQGaming's Guild Hosting Service.

What You Get When You Sign Up To Our Service

FREE guild hosting service!

First and foremost we are offering our service absolutely FREE. We want to give you the chance to try out the service long-term while we continue to add features and listen to your suggestions on how to make it better. That is why we created a robust set of forums and a chat room, all available and more for your use. Even after we release GuildWizard 2.0, our second generation of services, we will continue to offer a basic level of service absolutely free for your use. Please read below the exciting features that you get when you signup.

Automatic Raid Attendence Tracking

Anyone who has led a guild knows how much of a hassle it can be to track which members were at which raid. The thought of manually entereing in player by player in some spread sheet makes my stomach turn! GuildWizard allows you to cut/paste your /who GUILD list from the raid, and it will automatically create a list of everyone who attended the raid, and create a raid 'object'. It will then update the players attendance, and create a dynamic entry in your raid list so people can see who was at the raid and what loot dropped etc. You can see an example of this here: Attendance Example

Creation Of Your Member Roster

GuildWizard allows you to quickly create a guild roster based on your player list. The roster contains the players name, class, level, and if you use a DKP system, the players DKP info. Our Roster is FULLY sortable. So you can sort by level, class, name, number of raids attended etc. You have TOTAL control over how your roster looks! The colors, textures and even the font is at your control! Take a look at an example: Player Roster Example

Loot/Item Tracking

Whether your guild follows a DKP system, or a Merit type system, you can keep track of 'who got what' at every raid via our Loot Tracking component. Not only does it give information about what item was awarded, who got it, what raid it came from, you can also click on the item name to bring up the stats displayed in a dynamically created image! The stats are based on your entries for the item, so it contains any info that you want! Item Detail Example

Member Profile Page

This is one ot the neatess features of GuildWizard. Everytime a players name is listed in a list, it's a clickable link to that player's profile page. The profile page contains the players name, level, race and a picture of the player's character. What's more, it pulls information from the database regarding the players attendance, loot awardings, and even generates a dynamic graph comparing the guild's attendence compared to the player! View an example here: Player Profile Example

Guild Message Board/Forums!

GuildWizard offers a sweet message board! With the skyrocketting prices of certain 'other message boards' and their 'Gold Status' stuff, you can take comfort in knowing that your guild will have an area to discuss issues.

Complete Control Over Colors/Textures/Buttons

We give you total control over what colors, textures and how it will look on your site! We even allow you to have your guild logo displayed at the top of your pages! To change the colors, you don't have to guess or enter complicated HTML codes, you simply pick the color you like and select the item (text color, table color etc) and click the button! In seconds, you can totally transform the website to fit your guild's color and theme.

Create Your Own Custom Pages!

We have worked very hard to offer the most common pages that a guild would need (Roster, Player Profiles, Raid Lists, Calendars, Message Board), but lets face it, not everyone needs the same information! So, in order to address this, I have created a tool which will allow you to create your own CUSTOM pages! Lets say you want to make a custom page of your guild's recruitment requirements. The custom page component allows you to enter in your information in a WYSIWYG editor in your web-browser, adding in your colors, pictures, links etc.. all by pointing and clicking! When you are happy with your page, give it a title, such as "Recruitment Requirements", and bam! You just created your own HTML page! You don't have to worry about uploading it to a server, hosting it, paying for hosting, nothing!

Useful Sidebar-Components

We have created some components that go on the side columns of each page, if you want to use them. Some of these include a Guild Screenshot Lister, Top 10 Raider List, Usefull Links etc etc. These are great components to plug into your pages as they offer nice utility information that really doesn't need it's own page for. We will of course continue to add more of these types of components, email me if you think of some neat ones!


The calendar component is great for quick references to upcoming guild-events! You can add/edit entries into any day in the calendar, and allow your guildmates to click on the calendar control to bring up that days events! A very handy feature!

Lots of other stuff!

There is a bunch of other stuff other than the things listed above.. infact the list grows all the time. We are constantly working on adding new features to GuildWizard! Some features that we didn't describe are : Members Update their own profile, guildleader can edit info visually, create your 'Current News/Events' page painlessly, Automatic Button (navigation) Creation, Player Profile of the Day plug-in.. I am sure I missed a feature or two :)

What The Community Gets

Chat With Us! - An IRC chat channel on the GameSurge Network for all your guild discussion needs

Robust Forums - Communicate between guilds, post your guilds information, discuss guild site designs, and more!

Guild Spotlight - Interested in advertising your guild or recruiting new members? We have a weekly Friday Spotlight feature that has just been implemented on the LQGaming Network portal sites too! Each week we'll display one guild who's submitted their site to the spotlight, as well as collect all those spotlights from our portal sites for guilds not on our network. Yes, we support ALL guilds!

Weekly Events - Many guilds post their guild raids and other guild events throughout their sites. Check out our weekly event lineup that highlights those guilds that wish their events to be known.

Community News - Submit your news to be posted on our main news page! Guild news, community news, industry news, etc.

Community Links - A fast collective area to search for useful sites that your guild might want to use. Don't see a link here of a great site? Let us know!

Help Documents - Having troubles getting started or aren't sure how to design an element? No problem! We have several FAQs and Walkthroughs to assist you in designing and maintaining your sites.

Contests - We put on regular contests where you can win cool prizes such as free gametime cards!

Guild Gallery - We have a community gallery where you can submit your screenshots of amazing, scary, or funny shots of
your guild, or anything you find!

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