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Community Testimonials

"Been looking at the site now and its amazing. Will try and make it look nicer so the members of my guild will feel right at home. I look forward to the updates to the service, and wish you all the best with your hard work.

Also, would like to thank you for the fastest and friendly service and support you have given me. It is truly a fresh breath of air :)."

- Anna


I'm Gurthag, one of the Nomadas' webmaster!

I'm very happy to announce to all you our new web page hosted here. I would like to extend thanks to LQGaming this fantastic free tool for creating our web site, and very special thanks to Berek for his assistance!"

- Gurthag (Guild: Nomadas)

"I have found that your service is great, the site is fast, and it's very easy to customize. One of our guild members is currently working on making the site look much better. We would just like to thank you for making us one of your featured sites, and we'll be doing everything we can to stay there so that we can hopefully draw more people to Lineage 2 from other users who use your site and to hopefully get more people in our guild. We're a group of real-life friends who are trying to get our guild started and your guild service is a great tool for us. We hope that your service stays great and towards the end of the year when you start charging for it (I think I remember reading that somewhere) we will definately be a customer."

- John Hynes (Clan Leader of RockMeAmadeus)

"Thanks for your help and you guys do awesome work so keep it up. I will have a new guild up and running in a couple of weeks!"

- Monica (Guild: Strike Fighters)

"Our Guild, The Fury Council, has been using guildwizard.com service for years... no matter what guild name we had. We have become VERY comfortable with how to admin our site an we hope that is not going to change."

- Matt (Guild: TFC)

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June 5, 2006