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GuildWizard FAQ

GuildWizard F.A.Q.

Q) What does GuildWizard do?

A) GuildWizard is a web-application that allows guilds of online games to create a website for themselves with all the neat tools that usually take an experienced programmer to handle. Some of these tools include a Member Roster, Raid Attendance tracking, Player Statistics, Message board/Guild Forums, Easy Current News Utility. Those are just a few features, check out the Feature Page for a full list!

Q) What does GuildWizard cost?

A) The service is absolutely FREE! For this, you receive all the tools that GuildWizard offers, including all the dkp tools, full roster, image gallery, and 10 megs of space for pictures. For those who have already paid through 2005 and beyond do not worry as your account will simply carry over into 2006 after our pricing plans and upgrades are released.

Q) Do I have to use pre-made pages, or can I create my own HTML pages?

A) We offer some pre-made TEMPLATES. The way the pages look are totally up to you, we give you total control over color, texture, pictures etc. Whats more, we give you the ability to make your own pages! So lets say you want to use our Roster Page, and maybe the Calendar.. but we don't offer a page for your guild's charter and rules. You simply use our Custom Page Maker to create the page with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor, all from your web-browser. You don't have to be a geek to make a webpage, and make it available to everyone to see!

Q) How do people get to my guild's site? Do we have to remember some long URL with a bunch of numbers like www.servicename.com/myguildID?29392&user=29392&omg=293920 ???

A) No :) We supply a semi-custom web-address for you. Lets say your guild is called Justice. Your website address would be http://Justice.guildwizard.com .. pretty simple eh? If you have a domain registered for your guild, you may use that too. Visit the Domains Page for more info.

Q) Can we use a custom domain like www.myguild.com?

A) Yes! You can use a domain previously registered and we'll simply forward it to our service. For more information about domains, please e-mail us at: berek@lqgaming.com.

Q) Do I have full control over the message board?

A) Yes, the Guildleader and Officers are the moderators for your Guild's message board. You can add users to the private member-only sections, edit posts, delete posts, move posts etc etc.

Q) My guild uses a DKP (Dragon Kill Points) system for loot distribution, do you support it?

A) GuildWizard started out as a web application to help out a new guild on Prexus keep track of their DKP system! So yeah, we support it and will implement upgrades as needed! We like to refer to this system as a guild raid management system.

Q) I have a great idea, but you don't offer it on your site, do you do custom programming for guilds?

A) Yes and No. If you have a great idea, and I think it's something doable, I will program the component and allow your guild to use it! However, it will be offered to everyone else too. If it's something very specific to your guild, and no other guild could possibly benefit from it, I might still program it for you, depending on my work schedule etc...

Q) What is this site created with?

A) The site is programmed in it's entirety in C# , which is a .NET language.

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June 5, 2006