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Sunday's Screenshot Submission

Weekly Event Submissions

Submit your guild to our Weekly Events listings, found on the right menu bar of the main site. The most recent four events from the events of all the guilds on the service will be displayed. Events can range from simply guild meetings or birthday announcements, all the way to full blown raid announcements!

To submit your guild event to us for the following week, please send the listed details below to us at: guildwizard@lqgaming.com.

* Your guild's name
* Your guild's URL (Doesn't have to be a GuildWizard subscribed guild!)
* Your guild's game(s)
* Event name/place/description
* Event day/time (Please specify server time, or earth time zone)

Thanks for submitting your event! We will usually refresh events periodically throughout the week, and announce those events that are fresh on Saturdays. If you wish to exclusively have us announce your guild event on the news page, please be sure to note this in your email!

Friday's Guild Spotlight Signup

Submit your guild to our "Friday's Guild Spotlight" feature every Friday. We would like to hear a little bit about your guild and what you have been doing in the community. Below is a guide on what to submit to us.

Guilds across ALL community sites are welcome to apply! We will add your guild to an additional spotlight section each Friday.

* Your guild's name, game you play, guild type (PvE, PvP, RvR, Casual, Explorers, Traders, etc.), leader's name, guild's website address
* A description overview of the guild
* Your guild activities and event descriptions
* Anything else that you would like the community to know about your guild
* Any cool screenshots? Send them too!

Please have submission in by the Thursday before if you are to be qualified for a chance at that week's spotlight! If you miss the week you can resubmit for the following week. Guilds that make the spotlight will receive a customized title of their choice in our forums, as well as a permanent listing in our Spotlight Section and temporary mention in our Featured Sites section.

Click here to enter!

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