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Site Staff

GuildWizard LQGaming Site Staff

Head of LQGaming's Guild Service:

Mathew "Berek" Anderson



Other Staff:

Eolen (Artist)

Are you interested in helping out? Do you want to moderate all or part of the forums, contribute to the news section, or run contests and add exciting guild content? With GuildWizard we are supporting ALL guilds from ALL games. While we may not have every game officially supported it is easy enough to add news on the main site until we do.

We are currently looking for more assistance in building LQGaming's Guild Service to your expectations as the premier guild hosting site on the net. Our site is ever-expanding, with more and more features to come in the future. But with more features comes more responsibility that must be handled by someone. Are you interested in joining the team? Do you have at least 4 hours a week to dedicate to LQGaming's Guild Service? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

What type of individuals are we looking for?

We are looking for a few who are skilled in especially C# (C-Sharp which is a .NET language) and/or Delphi for upcoming projects that will expand the features offered at GuildWizard LQGaming. For more details or if you would like to apply for this position, please email me at guildwizard@lqgaming.com. Please send detailed credentials on what your expertise are as well as what you would like to work on.

Community News Reporters
Do you spend quite a bit of time surfing through the different game and guild forums and feel that you are up to date on the major issues? Well we're looking for you. Not everyone has the time to prowl through the different boards, so they miss out on a lot of different topics and issues that the community really needs to know about! If you are interested in this type of position please send a complete list of credentials along with why you are interested and what you intend to help with to: guildwizard@lqgaming.com.

Forum Moderators
Spending time in the forums looking for news is one thing, but creating it is another! Do you find yourself watching out for bad posts and reporting them? Do you also like to start discussions and create events and activities right in the forums? Then we are looking for you. We need a few good forum moderators to really bring the GuildWizard community together. If you are interested in this type of position please send a complete list of credentials along with why you are interested and what you intend to help with to: guildwizard@lqgaming.com.

All positions are voluntary efforts. GuildWizard LQGaming is run by the community for the community. The pay is the satisfaction and the excitement of being part of a project that many will use, to see the direct feedback of hundreds, and to have your work be noticed. If you have any suggestions or contributions that you think would do great being housed at GuildWizard LQGaming, please send them in to the GuildWizard Support team at: guildsupport@lqgaming.com.

Representative Positions:

Game Representatives are there to collectively inform the guild community about what is happening in their game, events and other news going on in the guild community, and other important information. Representatives preferably will consist of an entire guild but can also be a smaller organization or individual. They will be there to help ensure you know first hand these important news events and announcements. Is there some latest gossip happening on a particular server? A guild raid schedule for tomorrow? Game Representatives are there to find these things out and then report on our site any news they find. They will also be there as kind of leaders to the community to answer questions about the games they play, the guild community, etc.

When submitting your guild or yourself as a candidate please include your real name, nick name, game you play, guild site if any (site doesn't have to be from our guild service), your position within the guild and/or game, contact information, and any important information that you want us to know why you'd be a good choice. Positions are volunteer based and solely on your own time and efforts.


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June 5, 2006