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MainGame List → Sigonyth
General Info
Title: Sigonyth
Publisher: New Desert
Status: In Development
Release Date: 2006-12-01
Beta Link:

Pricing Info
Free Trial Link:No free trial available
Length of Free Trial: 0 days
Initial Purchase Price: $0.00
Monthly Price: $0.00

Sigonyth is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with character creation based on a set of stats, traits and skills. The players will assume roles as descendants of the space ship survivors and will be able to choose one of the three races: humans, cyborgs or Vovians (mutants). There will be no ultimate goal forced by the story - everyone will be able to decide by himself what does he want to do and accomplish in his virtual life.

Key Features

  • Create your own profession!!! Do you want be a miner, healer, soldier, trader or crafter ? Just do it!!!

  • Become bounty hunter, smuggler or just a merchant

  • Take care of yourself! Watch out for weather and be strong in survival mode

  • Explore undiscovered, mysterious, unfriendly locations full of dangerous creatures

  • Create team, join to guilds, or create your own guilds, build your house. Here - on Sigonyth - you can achieve it

  • Take part in championships as soldier or crafter, compete as an individual or guild sponsored warrior

  • Use over 100 skills, thousands of items, install tech or bio implants, customize your appearance

  • Sell your items on auctions

  • Do missions, fight in PVP & PVM modes, collect rare items

  • Express yourself through emotes or chat in a fantastic social environment

  • Fight thousands of incredible monsters in a fantastic player versus environment gameworld

    And much much more...

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