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MainGame List → MMOLand
General Info
Title: MMOLand
Publisher: XSRC Corporation
Status: Live
Release Date: 2005-09-01
Beta Link:

Pricing Info
Free Trial Link:Free Trial
Length of Free Trial: 0 days
Initial Purchase Price: $0.00
Monthly Price: $0.00

What is MMOLands? MMOLands is a ever expanding network of online games with both free to play ( F2P ) and pay to play ( P2P ) areas with all games being playable in full 3d from your browser window. You have the choice to play all of our online games in windowed mode, or full screen mod as well as other advanced video options you have come to expect from all quality online mmorpgs and games and with our patch streaming technology we make it a possibility to get in and game faster than ever before.

What is Endless Ages? Endless Ages is a MMORPG/FPS ( Massively Multplayer Online Role Playing Game / First Person Shooter ). Licensed from Avaria and redesigned for the MMOLands system, Endless Ages is a fully functional online game complete with quests, PVP, arenas, player commerce, and so much more. The license of this amazing game has been recently acquired by the X-Src Corporation to include with the MMOLands release, and with plans to expand greatly upon this ground breaking title every month. New worlds, more weapons, and more expandability for all races across the board, X-Src aims to push the content of Endless Ages to truly endless limits.

What is Race Lands? Race Lands begins with a race based RPG as a massive online multi-player racing game where players can meet on the same tracks in attempts to get the best time, equipment and cars. The faster you are, the quicker you will find yourself in new levels and acquiring new upgrades to further leave your competition in the dust. Racers technology shows off the latest developments in the four point collision addition to Aura, as well as server and client side vehicle physics.

What Is Ancient Lands? Ancient Lands, like all of our online educational simulations is free to play forever. Giza is our first Ancient lands addition, it's a recreation of how the Giza looked before the drying of the Nile River. This recreation includes a to-scale replica of the temple, as well as the great Sphinx. Included are replicas of statues, and other items that would have been found in the temples as well as items that would have been used by the people of that time. Attached to these items is historical information about them, as well as the surroundings. Secret passage ways will lead to hidden knowledge, just don't get lost!

What Is Museum Lands? Museum Lands, like all of our online educational simulations is free to play forever. Our first museum brings art from all eras to your view and assists you in learning about the paintings and artists. Additionally the technology offers the ability of having an online studio where you can post your art online in real-time. Paintings can point to URLs and pull image data like a web site but in 3D. We are making this available to schools and educational institutions as part of the educational section of MMOLands.

What Are Your Plans for the future? In the future, X-Src will also release 2 more fully functional games which will include a children's game which will be a platformer/shooter which is a top-down game of blasting flying bugs and other cartoon enemies for points to use to upgrade items and access more levels. The second development will be a fully functional and massive hack and slash online role playing game which will push the engines graphical technology to the highest limits with the use of fully normal-mapped characters, per-pixel lighting, using a programmable shader based rendering pipeline, and much more to push today's hardware to the levels they were made for. The release of these games will also prove the flexibility of the technology and its ability to venture between all types of online gaming genres while producing top notch results at accelerated rates.

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