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MainGame List → Lineage
General Info
Title: Lineage
Publisher: NCSoft
Status: Live
Release Date: 1999-01-01
Beta Link:

Pricing Info
Free Trial Link:No free trial available
Length of Free Trial: 0 days
Initial Purchase Price: $0.00
Monthly Price: $15.00



In the medieval world of LineageT, choose to be a gallant knight, a resourceful wizard, a crafty elf, or a revered prince or princess. Play surrounded by guarded castles, perilous forests, sinister fens and valleys filled with the undead. Slay ferocious monsters unlike any known to man or elf.

Discover the massive and ever-expanding world of Lineage.

# Journey to the fiery pits and rocky crags in the lair of the dragon, Valakas
# Descend into dark, dank dungeons and conquer monsters - living and dead - for treasure
# Explore the watery depths of the Kingdom of Eva and fight creatures of the deep
# Travel to cities to replenish supplies, swig ale and boast of your victories at taverns and inns
# Fight and win at the sides of your pledgemates

The world of Lineage is continuously growing, making no one game play experience the same.

Make friends and foes in your travels. Hunt with friends and strangers alike! Pledge loyalty and vow to conquer the pretender-king and restore your chosen Prince or Princess to the throne.

All-Out War
Plan strategies for castle sieges with your pledgemates. It's do or die as you fight and win control of castles and kingdoms, installing your ruler of choice to the throne. Create unlikely alliances to ensure that your Pledge will withstand sieges against it. Expect to be challenged, again and again. This is war, baby, and you're in it!

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
DirectX 9.0 or higher
Pentium II 800MHz or higher
128MB RAM or higher
1.5GB Hard Disk Space
Internet Connection (Modem or LAN)

Mac OS v10.1.2 or higher
128MB RAM or higher
1.5GB Hard Disk Space
Internet Connection (Modem or LAN)
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