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MainGame List → Dark and Light
General Info
Title: Dark and Light
Publisher: Farlan Entertainment @ NP Cube
Status: Beta Testing
Release Date: 2006-04-27
Beta Link: http://www.darkandlight.net/beta.php3

Pricing Info
Free Trial Link:No free trial available
Length of Free Trial: 0 days
Initial Purchase Price: $0.00
Monthly Price: $0.00

DARK and Light is a new type of massively multiplayer game, enhanced by the experience from previous generations. Immersion in a virtual universe is now a reality: with Dark and Light, you will experience a huge world along with tens of hundreds of players.
Dark and Light offers a gameplay that adapts to each player.
Thus, you may fight frightful enemies by becoming a ferocious fighter or a powerful sorcerer, but also become a prominent politician, a fearless explorer or a renowned crafter. These game axes will offer many possibilities; for instance, players who take a fortress can manage a whole city as they please, thanks to options and interfaces only them can use. Crafters can improve their skills and use them to give some properties to their items, or enhance their statistics. If you prefer wandering in little-known places, Dark and Light offers complete gameplay options for explorers. And in order to make sure that they always have something to discover, the developers created a land of 40.000 Kmē. The game has no loading zones, in order to keep the feeling of immersion and to allow you to see the horizon, 50 kilometres away.
Of course, transportation is a fundamental aspect in such a huge universe; either by riding a dragon or a dodo, or using a teleportation portal, you may easily join your friends in wonderful epic tales.
Moreover, server technology allows us to offer a unique world where all players of Dark and Light can meet. This makes a more populated and lively game, in a constantly changing universe.
In order to give players an easier access to Dark and Light, the website and the game will be translated in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Likewise, event and support teams will be available in all these languages make sure that Dark and Light offers an enjoyable and dynamic gaming experience. Online scripted events give players the opportunity to have an impact on the world and to witness the consequences of their actions and choices.

A game with a rich and varied game design, a vast and open world, a constant interaction between the universe and players, and a really massive community are all the features that the development team wanted to integrate to Dark and Light, in order to offer a strong immersion and an entertaining experience in a fantastic and attractive world.

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