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MainGame List → Control Monger
General Info
Title: Control Monger
Publisher: MindSurge Entertainment
Status: Live
Release Date: 2005-12-01
Beta Link: http://www.controlmonger.com/beta.php

Pricing Info
Free Trial Link:No free trial available
Length of Free Trial: 0 days
Initial Purchase Price: $0.00
Monthly Price: $0.00

In an age of death and destruction, where love, life and happiness have no meaning. There is a world where mankind has been pushed to its limits and the only thing that matters is total control. The quest for riches has changed the universe into a shattered and battle torn arena of combat. Society has been diminished into nothing more than combat units blasting across the country sides destroying everything that stands in their path.

The wars have been going on for so long that everyone has forgotten about the riches and the combat itself has become a way of life. Valuable things have lost their attraction and control has become the new form of value. If you don't have something you want then you just take it, who needs money when you have power? Armed with huge mechanical pods of carnage this never ending battle rages on between the two great houses of the land.

Choice to fight on the side of the great house Khan and there empire built on there galactic gold trade OR pick to fight on the side of House Lo witch made there riches off of silver. No matter witch side your on you need to get ready for the adventure of a life time in your quest for control.

Do you have what it takes to crush your enemies while you laugh in the face of death? Many have tried and they have all failed! Will you be next to rule the world? Will you be the..........Control Monger!?


* Windows 95,98,ME,2000,NT or XP
* 1.5Ghz or higher processor
* A 3D capable card (64mb or more on-board RAM)
* DirectX 7 or above
* 256mb or more RAM
* 56.6kbit or faster modem


* 2.0Ghz or higher processor
* A 3D capable card (128mb or more on-board RAM)
* 512mb or more RAM
* DSL or faster modem
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