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Hello, my name is Eric. I am the leader of this wickedly good looking bunch. All I can tell you is that my source of all that is good in life is to serve all of you: the good people of our fine community. I speak with my baby blue baritone voice and I give all that I can with each and every episode. Love me, hate me, I really don't care. Well, just love me even if you hate me. Cause we're here to stay. I am the Leader of this wickedly good looking bunch. That is my message to you.
This is my boy Ari and this is what he had to say: What am I? Student? Gamer? Nerd? Teenager? Punk? Maybe. Or maybe I'm an astronaut, a farmer, a hunter, a businessman. What if by some wierd genetic experiment I'm a Nerdy punk gamer student who hunts farmers in space based business, man. No one knows, but I know this. Office chairs are comfortable when built right, those video games are pretty cool, I love a good piece of steak with a tall cool soft drink, I'm Greek, and I am a WICKEDLY GOOD LOOKING LACKEY. HOOAH!!!!
Ryan likes to be called many things. Estabon comes to mind. He lives in a bomb shelter. What a guy.

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June 5, 2006