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Episode 005: Two Better Than Four?
In this weeks episode:
Weather Update, Fan Festival Sells Out, Level One Brenner Match!, New Quests and a New Dynamis, The Casual Lifestyle, Eric Tells a Story, Ari Goes Somewhere with This, Uncut Explanations, E-Mail!

Episode 004: No Pants
In this weeks episode:
360 Beta Character Deletion., Visual Clarity, The downfall of RMT, Brenner!!!!!, Readin' some E-Mails, Job's we hate., Sarah told you about this awesome link while reading E-Mail

Episode 003: Our First Special Guest
In this weeks episode:
Our Special Guest, John., 360 Beta Update, Crafting, Synthesis, New Things, VARP, Valentione's Day, Sarah Explains the Galka, Eric expresses his 360 degrees of anger, Ryan Pops In, Ryan Freaks Out

Episode 002: Pirates, Elephants, and the Chigoe Fever
In this weeks episode:
  • The new job Corsair.
  • The new Kingdom, Al Zahbi.
  • The possibility of a new race?
  • Hatin' on Sony
  • Is bigger better? The new enemy mobs: Marid, Qutrub, and Chigoe.
  • More Job's Comin?
  • Eric's thought: Capping the Auction House
  • Ari doesn't like the medieval setting that we've seen in many RPGs.

Episode 001: Welcome to the Show
Welcome to the very first episode of Mega Elixir. This weeks episode includes the 360 beta test. We also talk about the future of Final Fantasy XI.

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June 5, 2006