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Auto-Translate Function

FINAL FANTASY XI has an auto-translate function. Text entered from the list of common phrases will appear in either English or Japanese, depending on the version of the game that the player is using.

You cannot modify or add to the list of common phrases. However, the list contains a comprehensive vocabulary of words and phrases that will allow you to easily communicate with other players-no matter which language they are using!

There are a lot of Japanese-speaking players in Vana'diel. The auto-translate function enables you to play in the same world as them so you can enjoy the best that online gaming has to offer.

Using the Auto-Translate Function

There are two ways to use the auto-translate function.

1. Auto-complete

Perform a search on the list of common phrases based on letters you've already entered. Words in brackets are category headings. Select a heading to see entries related to that category.

Enter the word "Who," then press Tab.
All of the entries beginning with "who" will appear.

2. Category Search

If you open the list of common phrases when there is no text in the input window, you will see a list of categories. Select a category heading (enclosed in brackets) to view a list of entries. Press the space bar on the keyboard or the R1 button on the analog controller to open the input window.

Open the input window, then open the list of common phrases by pressing Tab.

Category headings like [Greetings] and [Questions] will appear.

Select the appropriate category to see a list of entries in the category.

* The (Items) category keeps a list of items that you have recently accessed from your item list, viewed at an auction, or acquired in battle.

Select "Hello!" from the [Greetings] category.

Players using the Japanese version of FINAL FANTASY XI will see the Japanese equivalent of "Hello!"

* If you enter "Hello!" without selecting it from the list of common phrases, your text will not be translated.

The auto-translate function can also be used with macros.

Create a macro for "/ma Cure ."

Be sure to use the list of common phrases when entering the word "Cure"

When you use this macro, the effects will be displayed in Japanese for players using the Japanese version of the game.

Information provided by PlayOnline.

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June 5, 2006