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Communicating with players around the world is one of the most enjoyable features of any online game.

There are plenty of ways to express yourself and chat with others in FINAL FANTASY XI..
Bow to a friendly player or wave to say goodbye to a comrade. In FINAL FANTASY XI, players can express emotions such as joy, anger, and sadness through character motions.
You can enjoy the game alone, but as you progress in your adventures in Vana'diel, many powerful monsters await you. You will need a group of allies if you want to survive.

Form parties to enjoy an entirely new level of play!

A party can hold a maximum of 6 players, but some monsters are too powerful for a single party to defeat. Alliances, consisting of a maximum of 3 parties, or 18 players, can be formed to battle such powerful foes.

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June 5, 2006