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System Requirements

Personal Computer:
Minimum Requirements: Recommended Requirements:
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP
CPU: Intel® Pentium®III 800Mhz or faster processor
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForceT series graphics processing unit with 32MB or ATI® RADEONT 9000 series graphics card
Sound Card: DirectX®8.1 compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 6 GB free hard disk space
CD-Rom Speed: 4x CD-ROM drive (required only at installation)
Other: Keyboard, mouse
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP
CPU: Intel® Pentium®4 processor
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForceFXT series graphics processing unit (AGP) with 64MB of VRAM
Sound Card: DirectX®8.1 compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 6 GB free hard disk space
CD-Rom Speed: 32x CD-ROM drive or faster (required only at installation)
Internet Connection: Always-on Internet connection
Other: Keyboard with 10-key numeric pad, mouse with scroll wheel
Playstation 2:
Minimum Requirements:
  • PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system
  • Network Adaptor (Ethernet/modem) (for PlayStation 2)
  • FINAL FANTASY XI for PlayStation 2
  • Internal Hard Disk Drive (40GB) (for PlayStation 2)
  • USB keyboard (highly recommended)
  • Internet connection
  • Visa or MasterCard

Since the HDD comes with FINAL FANTASY XI preinstalled, all you need to do is attach it to the back of your PlayStation 2 and follow the easy setup instructions in the owner's manual. You can enter the world of Vana'diel in no time! Although it's possible to play FINAL FANTASY XI with only a DUALSHOCK®2 analog controller, we highly recommend that you connect a USB-compatible keyboard to your PlayStation 2 for easier communication with other players.
Xbox 360:
Minimum Requirements:
  • Final Fantasy XI for Xbox 360
  • Xbox 360 Console
  • Xbox 360 Hard Drive
  • Broadband Connection
  • Xbox Live Membership (Xbox Live Silver Membership is free)
  • USB keyboard (recommended)
  • Visa or MasterCard

Before you can use Xbox Live, connect your Xbox console to a high-speed internet connection and sign up to become an Xbox Live member. For more information about connecting, and to determine whether Xbox Live is available in your region, go to www.xbox.com/live.

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