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If anybody knows of any more commands, feel free to email us.

Main Menu
Parties, Alliances, and Linkshells
Targeting, Etc.
Mog House
Preset Actions/Emotions
Friends and Blacklists

Main Menu

/mission Opens the mission menu.
/quest Opens the quest menu.
/keyitem Opens the key items menu.
/map Opens the map for your current area.
/regionmap (/rmap) Opens the regional map.
/playtime (/playlog) Displays total play time in FFXI.
/clock Toggles the clock in the lower-left corner of the screen.
/pol Temporarily logs you out to Playonline. Your character stays in FFXI, so be sure to find a safe place if you choose to temporarily log out..
/supportdesk (/sd) Opens the Support Desk menu.
/helpdesk Opens the Help Desk menu.
/logout Logs your character out of FFXI.


/say (/s) [Message] Default talk mode. Can be heard by any character near you. Appears as white in the chat window.
/shout (/sh) [Message] Long range talk mode. Appears as red in the chat window.
/tell (/t) [Player] [Message] A private message with another player. Appears as purple in the chat window.
/party (/p) [Message] Party talk mode. Appears as blue in the chat window.
/linkshell (/l) [Message] Linkshell talk mode. Appears as green in the chat window.
/emote (/em) [Action] Similar to /me in IRC, this has the same range as /say. Appears as purple in the chat window.
/chatmode [Mode] Allows you to set a default chat mode to always speak in. Shout can never be set as default chat.
<r> Reply to the last person who sent you a tell.

Parties, Alliances, and Linkshells

/partycmd (/pcmd) The main party command. This has subcommands.
/alliancecmd (/acmd) The main alliance command. This uses the same subcommands as /pcmd.
   leave Leave current party
   add [Player] Invite a player to join your party.
   kick [Player] Remove a player from your party.
   breakup Disbands the party and all members are forced to solo play.
/invite (/inv) Toggles your character to seeking a party or playing solo.
/autogroup (/ag) Will be placed in a party automatically with others in auto-group mode who are in the current area.
/join Join a party or alliance that you have been invited to.
/decline Turn down a party or alliance that you have been invited to.
/nominate (/propose) Asks a poll.
Example: /propose party Should.we.go.questing? Yes No
This would show to your party as:
  1: Yes
  2: No
/vote [Option #] Vote on a /propose. Votes are anonymous.
/makelinkshell (/makeli) Make a linkshell if you have bought a linkshell.
/breaklinkshell (/breakli) Breaks the linkshell you are using.
/linkshellmes (/lsmes) Displays equipped linkshell's server message. This also has subcommands.
   level [Level] Sets the authority level allowed to change the message. Levels are: All, LS (linksack), and PS (perlsack).
   set ''[Message]'' Sets a new message to display.
   clear Clears the linkshell message.


/attack (/a) [Target] Auto-attack your current target.
/attackoff Stop attacking.
/autotarget on/off Toggles auto-target for battles. Will automatically attack next enemy if the current enemy you are attacking dies.
/lockon [Target] Your character will follow the target if /automove is engaged.
/target (/ta) Targets the closest item, person, or enemy nearest to you.
/targetpc Targets the nearest playable character to you.
/targetnpc Targets the nearest non-playable character to you.
/help (/h) If you are in trouble, this command will call other people in your area for help. You will not gain experience if you call for help.
/assist (/as) Auto-target the enemy who is attacking a player who called for /help.
/item [Item Name] Use the consumable item in your inventory.
/equip [Item Name] Equip weapons, armor, etc.
/magic (/ma) ''[Spell]'' [Target] Allows you to cast a magic spell. The spell name bust be properly spelled and capitalized. This also works with Ninjitsu and Songs.
/weaponskill (/ws) ''[Skill]'' [Target] Allows you to use a weapon skill.
/ninjitsu (/nin) ''[Spell]'' [Target] Allows you to cast Ninjitsu.
/song (/so) ''[Song]'' [Target] Allows you to cast a song.
/jobability (/ja) ''[Job Ability]'' [Target] Allows you to use a job ability.
/pet ''[Pet Command]'' [Target] Give your pet a command.
/range (/ra) [Target] Use a ranged attack provided that you have a ranged weapon equipped.
/shoot [Target] Use a ranged attack provided that you have a weapon that can shoot.
/throw [Target] Use a ranged attack provided that you have a weapon that can be thrown.
/check (/c) [Target] Check an enemy to see how difficult the enemy would be to fight. Check a player to see their equipment, title, bazaar info, etc.
/fish Go fishing if you have a rod equipped with bait and are near water.
/dig Command your chocobo to dig provided that you have Gyshall Greens in your inventory. One Gyshall Green per dig.
/dismount Dismount from your chocobo.
/heal Character will kneel and go into healing mode.

Targeting, Etc.

<t> Selects your current target.
<st> Select a target while locked on to another target. Helpful for healing while attacking at same time.
<stpc> Subtarget, restricted to players.
<stnpc> Subtarget, restricted to non-players.
<lastst> Name of the last subtarget selected.
<bt> Targets the mob being fought by your party.
<p0>-<p5> Selects a party member. 0 is yourself.
<me> Selects yourself.
<pos> Lists your current position based on map grid coordinates.
<mpos> Lists your current position while on a boat or airship.
<call0>-<call21> Plays a sound effect with controller vibration (for PS2). This is useful for alerting party members to danger, skill chains, etc. These only work in party chat mode.
<scall0>-<scall21> Same as <call#>, except without the controller vibration.
<ncall0>-<ncall21> Same as <call#>, except without the sound effect.
<hp> Displays your current health.
<mp> Displays your current mana.
<tp> Displays your current TP as a percent.
<hpp> Displays your current health as a percent.
<mpp> Displays your current mana as a percent.

Mog House

/bank Opens your Mog bank.
/mailbox (/deliverybox) Opens your delivery box.
/layout Toggles layout mode.
/garden Toggles garden mode.
/tribune Temporarily logs you out of FFXI in order to read the Vana'diel Tribune newspaper, which is part of Playonline.

Preset Actions/Emotions

/point /bow /salute
/kneel /laugh /cry
/no /yes (/nod) /wave
/goodbye /welcome /joy
/cheer /clap /praise
/smile /poke /slap
/stagger /sigh /comfort
/surprised /amazed /stare
/blush /angry /disgusted (/upset)
/muted /doze /panic
/grin /dance /think
/fume /doubt /sulk
/psych /huh /shocked

Friends and Blacklists

/friendlist (/flist) Opens the friend list menu.
/friendlist add/delete [Player] Add or delete a person from your friend list.
/befriend [Player] Asks a person if they would like to join your friend list.
/online Appear online.
/away Appear away.
/busy Appear busy.
/hide (/invisible) Hides your status from friends.
/blacklist (/blist) Opens your black list.
/blist add/delete [Player] Add or delete a person from your blacklist.


/search (/sea) The main search command. Shows all the people in your area.
/sea all Broaden your search to the entire server.
   friend Find people in your friends list.
   linkshell Find people in your linkshell.
   name [Player] Find a specific person.
   race [Race] Find all people in the race. (Hum, Elv, Tar, Mit, Gal)
   level [#] Find all people of a particular level. Can search a range [#-#] also.
   rank [#] Find all people of a particular rank.
   home [Hometown] Find people of a specific hometown. (San, Bas, Win)
   area [Area] Find people in an area. You can only search areas that you have been in.
   job [Job] Find people with main job. (WAR, MNK, WHM, BLM, RDM, THF, DRK, PLD, BRD, BST, RNG, NIN, DRG, SAM, SMN)
   inv Find people who are looking for a party.
   away Find people who are marked as away.
   - (minus sign) Sorts the search in descending, instead of ascending, order.


/? Lists all possible commands for FFXI. You can get a detailed description of a command. Ex: /? /search
/servmes (/smes) Displays the current server message.
/ver Displays your FFXI version.
/echo [Message] Displays a message only you can see.
/random Displays a random dice roll to anyone in your /say range.
/automove Toggles auto-run on and off.
/follow [Target] Auto-follow the specified target.
/names Toggles the names above the characters.
/anon Sets character as anonymous. Your jobs and levels will not be shown when people /check you.
/wait [Delay Amount] Mainly for use with macros. You can place a delay on performing actions ranging between 1-20.

Last modified on January 11, 2004.

Thanks to Nalyr and Lokimor (Ifrit) for some additional commands.

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