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Database :: Quests :: A Barrel of Locks

A Barrel of Locks  Submit Info
RecommendedLevel: 32
Quest RatingMoney & Items: Average (5)
Experience: Average (5)
Rewarded Coin1 g 2s
Triggered By ObjectBarrel of Locks
Starting ZoneEnchanted Lands
Monster InvolvedA Runnyeye Scout
DescriptionThis quest is initiated by examining a Barrel of Locks at +131, -498 in the Enchanted Lands.

You must kill Runnyeye Scouts in the Enchanted Lands until you obtain four keys. After receiving all four return to the barrel for coin and experience.
Submitted ByKaeli of Mistmoore

Add Your Comments   Player Comments: 1-6 of 6
Posted By: Bleach Date: 02/23/06 at 5:13amPST Server: Nektulos
Reward I got was 1gp 4sp 81cp.
I managed to locate 3 runneyeye scouts. There are 2 by the hole in the wall near where the barrel is found and one near the deputy outpost to the SE. I had to kill around 15 or so to get the keys so its about 1 in 4 chance to drop.

Posted By: Turambar Date: 12/30/05 at 6:15amPST Server: Innothule
Where on earth are runnyeye scouts (in quantity)? I could only find two on the entire map, and updates must be semi-rare since I got no quest items. :(

Posted By: Mogwog Date: 11/03/05 at 5:14pmPST Server: Innothule
Reward was 1g 1s 88c.

Posted By: eiwyn Date: 04/28/05 at 4:35pmPST Server: Not Given
The correct name of this quest is 'A Barrel of Locks'. Note the missing A in the current name in this database

Posted By: Gilgabob Date: 03/21/05 at 5:38pmPST Server: Unrest
The cash part of the reward was over 1 gold making this quest worth doing since it takes 15 minutes to do.

Posted By: Cammo Date: 03/04/05 at 5:52pmPST Server: Mistmoore
The Barrel is actually +131, -498

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