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Recipe Name LevelKnowledgeTechniqueDeviceRecipe Book
  A Broken Large Bench 24 Craftsmanship Sculpting Sawhorse Carpenter Essentials Volume 24
  A Faydark Wooden Stool 13 Craftsmanship Sculpting Sawhorse Craftsman Essentials Volume 13
  A Large Bench 14 Craftsmanship Sculpting Sawhorse Craftsman Essentials Volume 14
  A Long Ornate Shelf 38    Carpenter Essentials Volume 38
  A Medium Bench 15 Craftsmanship Sculpting Sawhorse Craftsman Essentials Volume 15
  A Short Militia Shelf 23 Craftsmanship Sculpting Sawhorse Carpenter Essentials Volume 23
  A Skull Post 36    Carpenter Essentials Volume 36
  A Wooden End Table 37    Carpenter Essentials Volume 37
  Abhorrent Deteriation 14 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Scholar Essentials Volume 14
  Abnormal Decline 6 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Essentials Volume 6
  Absinthe 48 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 48
  Accord (Adept III) 18 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Advanced Scholar Scrolls Volume 18
  Accord (Apprentice) 18 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Scholar Essentials Volume 18
  Admonishing Smite (Adept III) 10 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Advanced Scholar Refining Volume 11
  Admonishing Smite (Apprentice) 10 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Scholar Essentials Volume 11
  Advanced Poison Vial: Apothecary 20 Apothecary Thaumaturgy Work Bench Apothecary Essentials Volume 2
  Aegis of Ortallis 9 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Advanced Alchemy Volume 9
  Aegis of the Silverback 9 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Advanced Alchemy Volume 9
  Aegis of the Windrider 9 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Advanced Alchemy Volume 9
  Afternoon Tea 36 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 36
  Agate Gem: Geomancy 20 Geomancy Geocraft Work Bench Geomancy Essentials Volume 2
  Agitation (Adept III) 11 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Advanced Scholar Refining Volume 11
  Agitation (Apprentice) 11 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Scholar Essentials Volume 11
  Agonizing Invulnerability 15 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Scholar Essentials Volume 15
  Alabaster Eggs 58 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Carpenter Essentials Volume 58
  Alchtonion's Protection 9 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Advanced Alchemy Volume 9
  Alder Bookcase 6 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Artisan Escutcheon Volume 6
  Alder Chest 6 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Artisan Escutcheon Volume 6
  Alder Dining Chair 6 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Artisan Escutcheon Volume 6
  Alder Lumber 4 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Artisan Refining Volume 4
  Alder Round Shield 6 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Artisan Escutcheon Volume 6
  Alder Stave 6 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Artisan Components Volumes 5 & 6
  Alder Strong Box 7 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Artisan Mechanists Armor Volume 7
  Alder Sturdy Chair 6 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Artisan Escutcheon Volume 6
  Alimaja's Awakening 7 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Essentials Volume 7
  Allspice Compound 3 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Essentials Volume 3
  Allspice Emulsion 3 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Essentials Volume 3
  Allspice Mixture 3 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Essentials Volume 3
  Allspice Solvent 3 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Essentials Volume 3
  Allspice Wash 3 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Artisan Essentials Volume 3
  Alluring Bone Table 16 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Advanced Craftsman Volume 16
  Almond Crusted Mackerel 28 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 28
  Almond Fudge 29 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 29
  Almond Pie 28 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 28
  Almond-Fayberry Trail Mix 27 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 27
  Altered Immunity 13 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Scholar Essentials Volume 13
  Ambrosia 37 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 37
  An Antonican Ornate End Table 22 Craftsmanship Sculpting Sawhorse Carpenter Essentials Volume 22
  An Ornate Bedside Table 35    Carpenter Essentials Volume 35
  An Ornate End Table 34    Carpenter Essentials Volume 34
  Antonican Coffee 15 Culinary Artistry Keg Craftsman Essentials Volume 15
  Antonican Rug 29    Carpenter Essentials Volume 29
  Apple Cheesecake 37 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 37
  Apple Muffins 38 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 38
  Apple Pie 37 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 37
  Arcane Bindings (Adept III) 5 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Artisan Arcana Scrolls Volume 9
  Arcane Bindings (Apprentice) 5 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Artisan Essentials Volume 5
  Arch Healing (Adept III) 17 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Advanced Scholar Volume 17
  Arch Healing (Apprentice) 17 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Scholar Essentials Volume 17
  Ardent Dye: Apothecary 50 Apothecary Thaumaturgy Chemistry Table Apothecary Essentials Volume 5
  Ardent Ink: Apothecary 50 Apothecary Thaumaturgy Chemistry Table Apothecary Essentials Volume 5
  Artichoke Kalish 57 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 57
  Artichoke Omelet 52 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 52
  Artichoke Stew 54 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 54
  Ash Bookshelf 22 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Carpenter Essentials Volume 22
  Ash Buckler 22 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Woodworker Essentials Volume 21
  Ash Bunk Bed 21 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Carpenter Essentials Volume 21
  Ash Chest 25 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Carpenter Essentials Volume 25
  Ash Club 21 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Woodworker Essentials Volume 21
  Ash Cudgel 21 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Woodworker Essentials Volume 21
  Ash Dining Chair 23 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Carpenter Essentials Volume 23
  Ash Double Bed 22 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Carpenter Essentials Volume 22
  Ash Dowel 20 Craftsmanship Sculpting Sawhorse Carpenter Essentials Volume 20
  Ash Dowel: Timbercraft 20 Timbercraft Woodcraft Sawhorse Timbercraft Essentials Volume 2
  Ash Lumber (Carpenter Essentials) 20 Craftsmanship Sculpting Sawhorse Carpenter Essentials Volume 20
  Ash Lumber (Woodworker Essentials) 20 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Woodworker Essentials Volume 20
  Ash Lumber: Timbercraft 20 Timbercraft Woodcraft Sawhorse Timbercraft Essentials Volume 2
  Ash Quill 20 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Woodworker Essentials Volume 20
  Ash Quill: Timbercraft 20 Timbercraft Woodcraft Sawhorse Timbercraft Essentials Volume 2
  Ash Stave (Carpenter Essentials) 20 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Carpenter Essentials Volume 20
  Ash Stave (Woodworker Essentials) 20 Woodworking Fletching Sawhorse Woodworker Essentials Volume 20
  Ash Stave: Timbercraft 20 Timbercraft Woodcraft Sawhorse Timbercraft Essentials Volume 2
  Ash Strong Box 25 Craftsmanship Sculpting Woodworking Table Carpenter Essentials Volume 25
  Ashlan's Favor 17 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Advanced Scholar Volume 17
  Astonishing Visions 17 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Advanced Scholar Volume 17
  Augmented Fist Wraps 0    Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 45
  Augmented Spiked Cestus 0    Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 45
  Aura of Light 16 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Advanced Scholar Accessories Volume 16
  Aura of the Planeswalker 18 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Advanced Scholar Scrolls Volume 18
  Aura of the Starwatcher 18 Alchemy Chemistry Chemistry Table Advanced Scholar Scrolls Volume 18
  Auspice (Adept III) 16 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Advanced Scholar Accessories Volume 16
  Auspice (Apprentice) 16 Arcana Scribing Engraved Desk Scholar Essentials Volume 16
  Aviak Sandwich 60 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 60
  Aviak Steak 61 Culinary Artistry Keg Provisioner Essentials Volume 61


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