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Objects by Starting Letter:
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Point of Interest | Object Name ClassificationKnown HabitatLocation
 A Bit Of Flotsam ObjectNektulos Forest 
  A Bottle of Elfin Magic (Green) ObjectElfin Wonderland 
 A Bottle of Elfin Magic (Purple) ObjectElfin Wonderland 
 A Bottle of Elfin Magic (Red) ObjectElfin Wonderland -220, 1, -394
  A Bottle of Elfin Magic (Silver) ObjectElfin Wonderland -259, -10, -162
 A Bottle of Elfin Magic (Yellow) ObjectElfin Wonderland -208, 13, -350
 A Broken Skull ObjectZek 
 A Camp Fire ObjectNektulos Forest 
 A Clumsy Gnoll Carcass ObjectSundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den 
 A Clutch Of Griffon Eggs ObjectNektulos Forest
Thundering Steppes
  A Crocodile Nest ObjectThe Sinking Sands 
  A Dead Aviak ObjectThe Barren Sky 
  A Dead Deer ObjectQueen's Colony 
  A Dead Explorer ObjectThe Silent City 
 A Dead Fairy ObjectEnchanted Lands 
 A Dead Splitpaw Gnoll ObjectSundered Splitpaw: Upper Tunnels 
 A Dead Tallon Grunt ObjectZek 
  A Dead Vultak ObjectThe Barren Sky 
 A Devotion Essence ObjectCommonlands 
 A Dust Devil ObjectThe Sinking Sands 
 A Foci Of Decay ObjectAntonica 
 A Giantslayer Messenger ObjectAntonica 
 A Glowing Chest ObjectAntonica 
  A Half-Buried Harp ObjectThe Pillars of Flame 808, -241, -1708
  A Large Chest ObjectThe Shimmering Citadel 
 A Larvae Infested Carcass ObjectAntonica 
 A Lust Essence ObjectCommonlands 
  A Mysterious Prism ObjectThe Shimmering Citadel -262, 225, -59
 A Passion Essence ObjectCommonlands 
  A Piece of Parchment ObjectQueen's Colony 95, 2, 124
 A Pile of Rocks ObjectCommonlands 
  A Pile of Sticks ObjectQueen's Colony 99, 2, 120
 A Rock ObjectIsle of Refuge 
 A Sabertooth Tent ObjectAntonica 
 A Sul'Dal Relic ObjectSinking Sands
  A Tale of the Arena Pg 15 Basket ObjectMaj'Dul -100, 162, 95
 A Tallon Gravestone ObjectZek 
  A Tattered Scroll (Palace) ObjectUnknown 
  A Tattered Scroll (SoS) ObjectThe Silent City 
 A Trespasser ObjectCommonlands 
  Academy of Arcane Science Point of InterestNorth Freeport 
  Aged Arbor Resource(Wood)Forest Ruins
  Alchemy Components ObjectScale Yard 
  Alchemy Pestle ObjectStonestair Byway -48, 0, -59
  Allize Tae Outpost Point of InterestFeerrott -1221, 3, 688
  Altar of the Four Cannons Point of InterestFeerrott -719, 6, 195
  Ampitheater of Kelkarn Point of InterestEast Freeport -57, -23, 123
 An Anaz'Mal Vase ObjectSinking Sands
  An Ancient Inscribed Pillar ObjectThe Sinking Sands -973, -233, -1204
  An Ancient Tablet ObjectThe Sinking Sands -923, -233, -1216
  An Artifact Crate ObjectTenebrous Tangle 168, -233, 161
  An Icy Coin ObjectEverfrost -17, -13, 109
  An Intricate Seashell ObjectThe Sinking Sands 
  An Observation on Quellious and the Disciples ObjectCave of Knowledge 
 Anaz Mal Incense Burner ObjectThe Sinking Sands 
  Anaz Mal, Blackfang - Page 8 Vase ObjectUnknown -592, 9, 93
  Anaz'Mal Ceremonial Vase ObjectThe Sinking Sands 
  Anaz'Mal Relic ObjectThe Sinking Sands 
 Ancient Chalice ObjectThe Living Tombs 
 Ancient Ruins Point of InterestIsle of Refuge 
  Ancient Scepter ObjectThe Down Below 
 Animal Den ResourceUnknown 
  Antonica Hidden Entrance in Thundering Steppes Point of InterestThundering Steppes 1419, 6, -439
  Arbo'Un Monolith ObjectThe Silent City 502, 48, 386
 Archer Woods Point of InterestAntonica 
  Arid Roots Resource(Root)The Barren Sky 
  Arid Timber ResourceThe Sinking Sands 
  Array of Fish Resource(Fish)Forest Ruins
  Assortment of Fish Resource(Fish)The Peat Bog 
 Assortment Of Fungi Resource(Fungi)Nektulos Forest 
  Axe on Wall at Crossroads ObjectCommonlands -433, -44, -277


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