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Database :: Equipment :: Abrasive Goo

Abrasive Goo  Submit Info
Classes Assassin, Brigand, Ranger, Swashbuckler
Properties STORE-BOUGHT   
Slot / Type Charm / Poison
Skill Requirement Poisoning   Required Lvl: 1   Recommended Lvl: 11
Effect Abrasive Goo   - Clickable, with 5 charges
Inventory Weight: 1.0   
Sold By Elduin Proceus
Hanna Deeppockets
Olin Barkstripper
Plordo Blotterdook
Twergo Togglesmeet
Zone Beggar's Court
Big Bend
East Freeport
Longshadow Alley
Queen's Colony
Scale Yard
Stonestair Byway
Temple Street
Description Applies Abbrasive Goo when Activated

On a successful attack this spell has a 25% chance to cast periodic poison on target of attack. Lasts fo 24.0 seconds.

Inflicts poison damage on target
Inflicts poison damage on target instantly and every 6 seconds
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Posted By: Sulandrin Date: 02/01/05 at 12:09amPST Server: Befallen
If you put the poison in the activable spot, then right click it and select use, you will get a new buff that lasts for 12 hours. I believe everytime you attack the poison has a chance to strike. I have one on that deals 5 damage right away and then 26 every 6 seconds i believe.

Posted By: Ansible Date: 01/16/05 at 7:55pmPST Server: Not Given
What exactly do poisons and other activatable things of the sort DO?
Do they poison your weapons or something?

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