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Database :: Bestiary :: Aadalian Farenair

Aadalian Farenair  Submit Info
DifficultyLevel 10 - Level 10
Known HabitatsCastleview Hamlet
Triggers QuestsSword for Aadalian
DescriptionSorry, none available: submit your own!

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Posted By: Cassa Date: 07/16/05 at 11:40amPST Server: Antonia Bayle
Same here. Got the quest, went back and NPC is MIA. Me thinks its a bug.

Posted By: Spenn Date: 07/14/05 at 6:56pmPST Server: Neriak
Got the quest from this NPC but when I returned he was not there. Got "hailed" by him once but could not find him. Perhaps bugged!

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