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Here are other locations that you can check out about EverQuest II:

General Community Links

Official SOE EverQuest II website

Official SOE EverQuest II Forums

EverQuest II at MMORPG.com

EverQuest II at Stratics.com


Kingdoms of Norrath


Everquest 2 Top 200

EverQuest II at Epicplayer.com

EQ2 Arena

EverQuest 2 Realm

Black's EverQuest II Links

EQ2 Vault at IGN.com

EverQuest II Community(German)

EverQuest II Community(French)

Gezak - MMORPG Community News

EQ2I.com - Information site with items, quests, NPCs, maps, movies, and more

EQ2 Archives - an Everquest 2 information database.

EQ2 Blogs - Keep an online EverQuest 2 blog/diary and share your
adventures with others

Specialist EverQuest II Links

EQ2Maps Project - In-Game map modules

EQiDB - EverQuest II Item Database

EQ Pixie - Parser and tools for EQ 1 & 2

A Gathering Place for Scouts of Everquest 2

The Scout's Sanctuary


Go EQ2 - A site dedicated to EQ2 Classes

EQ2 Guild Portal - Guild Hosting Site

EQ2 Artisan - Crafting a Better Norrath

EQ2 Knights - Class Specific Site for Crusader->Paladin/Shadowknight path.

EQ2 Priests - A forum for priests of EverQuest 2

EQ2 Druids Grove - Class specific Site for Druids

EverQuest 2 Shamans

The Steel Warrior - EQ Live & EQ2 Warrior Resource & Community

EQ2 Furniture Catalog - Furniture Resource

Cross-EverQuest/EverQuest II links

Graffe.com, A Caster's Resource for EQLive and EQ2

Norrathian.net - A lighter side of EverQuest

EQ-Screenshots - Screenshots from EQ, EQ2, and other games

The Steel Warrior - EQ Live & EQ2 Warrior Resource & Community

Station Portal - Providing coverage of all SOE games via news, interviews, reviews,previews, and forums

Cross - MMORPG Links

Evil Guilds - An Interactive Portal for The Dark Minions of MMORPGs!

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