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     As always, the creators of EQ2 intend to keep the players busy living out their lives of exploring the vast lands and the tantalizing quests.

From the moment you enter Norrath, you should be expecting quests to jump out at you. No longer will you have to seek a quest. The quest will find you although you may not be looking for one "Expect the Unexpected"!

Also, the quest system has been completely redone for the betterment of the game and for the ease of the players. No longer will you be required to type sentences or key phrases to trigger a quest from an npc! Come to think of it, you will not be required to type at all for a quest. You will receive options from the npc and you will have to choose what and how you want to respond from a multiple choice list.

Here is a link to our enormous database of quests!

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June 5, 2006