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     When playing a game traveling a road more then once a day can get old! But in EQ2 that may no longer be required now that you have many more alternative means of teleportation all threw the land of Norrath.

Mariner's Bells

Mariner's Bells are a completely new concept from the original EverQuest. Since there are only two cities and those cities are extremely large, the designers developed an efficient method to travel within the cities and nearby adventure areas. Each of the six villages as well as other areas of the city proper, and some of the adventure zones, will have a dock with a Mariner Bell on it. Click on the Mariner Bell and a menu will pop up that lists all the other Mariner's Bells you can travel to within that city. Once you select a destination you are instantly transported to that location. Usually Mariner's Bells are situated on riverfronts or some sort of water access way, giving the impression, if you think really really hard, that you are in a boat sailing to that destination.

Keep in mind that there may be Mariner's Bells within the city as well as far out in the continent that you are unable to click on. These hint that at a later time when you are older and are more experienced you may gain access to these and thus be able to travel to faraway lands.

Horses and Flying Carpets

If you have a lot of coin or are a class that automatically can obtain a horse, you can travel in luxury this way or through flying carpets later on. To purchase a horse see one of the stablemasters in either of the cities.

Griffon Towers

In both Commonlands and Antonica there are three Griffon towers strategically placed throughout the two zones. Again, these do not connect between continents but simply provide a more efficient means of getting around the major zone they are placed in. To use these towers simply step up to one of the platforms, a menu will come up and you select one of the two other Griffon Towers. You are then placed on a Griffon where you ride away high above the continent on your way to the other tower. This is an excellent way to get a good lay of the land.

Can I travel instantly from Freeport to Qeynos?

No, even though Mariner's Bells provide efficient transportation throughout their indvidual cities, they do not connect between the cities. There are however Mariner's Bells that will take you to other continents, but many of those are located on the fringe of the continent where you are forced to travel some before locating them. One of these outer Mariner's Bells connect Antonica to Commonlands.

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