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     In the launch of EQ2, a housing system will be put in place for you. When they create this, you will have many choices, from a something small and sleek to huge and grand. You will also be able to decorate your dwelling to your personal likings. This will facilitate a way for you to create a place for you to do your own crafting at home, if that is what you'd like.

It is predicted that the most common housing will be an Inn with more of a room then a house! Good place for storage in game I would think.

Housing Types

Guildhall - You da man if you own one of these! The name is pretty self explanatory.
Plot House - a little bit bigger then an Inn. Ok for more then one person if you have some friends.
Inn Housing - Very small. Ok for 1 occupant and good for storage in game.

Housing FAQ

How much does my first inn room cost?

The initial inn room is free to purchase and costs 5 silver per week (real time) for rent.

What happens if I don't pay my upkeep?

The penalty for not paying upkeep is the inability to enter your home. If you are already in your home when your rent becomes due, visitors will not be able to enter your house until the upkeep has been paid. Upkeep does not accrue over time; if you don't pay it for three weeks, the rent will still be the same as if you had only skipped payment for one week. Everything within your home will remain there even if you have not paid your rent.

Why can't I purchase a home with status points?

You must achieve a specific guild level before you are able to purchase a home that uses status points as part of its cost; the guild level varies depending on the home you wish to purchase.

Can I purchase a two-room or three-room home if I don't have status points?

Yes, you may still purchase these homes if you do not have any status points. However, the cash cost of such homes will be greater if you do not elect to purchase one that requires status. Also be aware that there sometimes are two choices within the same price range. For instance, a 2 room inn in North Qeynos is the same cost and carrying capacity as in Qeynos Harbor, however, Qeynos harbor's inn room's have a few more indoor decorating options.

What does each of the access levels mean?

You may set either a default access level, which applies to all characters, or set access levels for specific characters via the housing access window.

* None: If your default access is set to "none," then no other characters can enter your home. You may also set individuals to have this level if you wish to ensure they can never enter your home.
* Visitor: Visitors may enter your home, but cannot perform actions on any items within it.
* Friend: Friends may enter your home and can move items around within it, but they cannot pick them up.
* Trustee: Trustees can perform most of the same functions as the actual owner. They cannot, however, pick up items placed in the house that are considered no-trade.

Can I share my room with a friend?

If you make someone a trustee of your home, they can place and move tradable furnishings. They can essentially perform all of the same functions as you, save for relinquishing your home, placing and picking up no-trade objects, and paying for upkeep.

How many objects can I place in my house?

The number of objects you can place in your home varies based on the size of the floor plan. You can place 100 objects for every room in your home (i.e. if you own a three-room home, you can place 300 objects). The initial one-room apartment that you are given can hold 100 items, including books, pets, furnishings, etc.

Can I store items from my inventory or bank, in my house?

Yes, you now have the ability to store up to 2 slots worth of items within your home. You can access this feature through the door menu from inside your home.

How do I change the look of my floor, walls, and ceiling?

Move your mouse over the surface you wish to modify, double-click, then purchase one of the other surface options (you may also right click and access this window via a context menu). After purchasing an upgrade, you may "Set" your surface via the same window. Please note that you will not be refunded any money spent on upgrading these surfaces should you choose to relinquish your home.

How many characters can use my bulletin board at once?

The number of merchants who can use a bulletin board varies by the size of the home. Your initial inn room will allow two characters to sell at one time. A five-room home, for example, allows twelve merchants to use a market bulletin board simultaneously.

What are some of the benefits to housing?

There are a number of benefits to player housing. You can become an enterprising merchant within your home, selling your wares to others. Tradeskill devices may be acquired and placed within your home so you can craft and sell items in your home simultaneously. You can purchase a house pet as a companion or to show off to your friends. Homes are also extremely customizable, providing yet another way to personalize your character and establish an identity in the world of Norrath.

Are there any benefits to furniture?

Furniture acquisition is an additional avenue of content that you may pursue while adventuring. Home furnishings reduce the status-point cost for home upkeep, as do pets. Some furniture pieces may have quests and other in-game content associated with them. For example, after completing a tome quest, you can place the completed book in your home so other players can read its contents. Faction titles and titles of nobility are housing rewards that also allow you to access more content.

What are faction titles and titles of nobility?

Faction titles are furniture awards that can be displayed in your house. If you receive one, it will appear as a piece of paper with a "Read" verb on it that others have the option to read.

Each of them has a custom letter from the faction head, thanking you and explaining a little about your new role and the duties that go along with your new title. An example would be this letter to a member of the Academy of Arcane Sciences:

The Academy of Arcane Sciences congratulates you on gaining complete acceptance within these hallowed halls. Your discipline and strength of power in the arcane arts is very impressive and has earned you a position of honor among your fellow practitioners. From this day forward, you will be known as an Archivist, do not let you will or studies falter. Death is the only award that will await you for failing in your calling! ~The Foci

Titles of nobility are very similar, except they are not scrolls and parchment, but weapons and other items that symbolize knighthood. These will unlock content such as raids and quests, and are some of the most highly sought-after furniture items in the game.

If I betray my city, what happens to my house?

You still own your original home, so you will need to sneak back into your previous city and relinquish ownership of your old house in order to purchase a new one. It is recommended that you relinquish ownership of your home before starting the betrayal quest.

Why are things moving around in my house when I'm gone?

Check to make sure that your default access level is visitor or none; if it is set to friend or higher, other players will be able to move your furniture.

If my door is blocked, how do I leave my room?

In rare cases where you've managed to block your exit and do not wish to move the furniture to leave (or if you are stuck in someone else's house), you can type the "/house" command to access the housing window (which allows you to leave).

How do I rotate furniture?

While moving or placing a furnishing, scroll the mouse wheel up or down or use the +/- keys to rotate the object.

Do I get extra storage slots in my house?

Not at this time.

Where is my original inn room?

If you purchased an inn room within your starting city, it will be in one of the following zones:

* Barbarian (Qeynos) - Graystone Yard
* Barbarian (Freeport) - Scale Yard
* Dark Elf (Freeport) - Longshadow Alley
* Dwarf (Qeynos) - Graystone Yard
* Erudite (Qeynos) - Starcrest Commune
* Erudite (Freeport) - Stonestair Byway
* Gnome (Qeynos) - The Baubbleshire
* Gnome (Freeport) - Temple Street
* Half Elf (Qeynos) - Willow Wood
* Half Elf (Freeport) - Beggar's Court
* Halfling (Qeynos) - The Baubbleshire
* High Elf (Qeynos) - Castleview Hamlet
* Human (Qeynos) - Nettleville Hovel or Starcrest Commune
* Human (Freeport) - Beggar's Court
* Iksar (Freeport) - Scale Yard
* Kerra (Qeynos) - Nettleville Hovel
* Kerra (Freeport) - Stonestair Byway
* Ogre (Freeport) - Big Bend
* Ratonga (Freeport) - Temple Street
* Troll (Freeport) - Big Bend
* Wood Elf (Qeynos) - Willow Wood

FAQ mirrored from Blackguard's post on the official boards.

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