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Death in EQII

     Many of you who are familiar with EQ Live, know of the *sigh* that is specially reserved for when your character would die. With it might accompany clenched fists, curses, and later, the teeth clenching run back to get to your corpse. and hopefully some beast doesn't take it upon himself to attack and render your already naked body into yet another corpse.

EverQuest 2 is different. There are several new modifiers that come into play. Most important is a resource that your character has, called "Spirit".

Spirit measures your character's actions in Norrath, and is one of the modifiers that help you gain levels. Also, spirit builds as players gain experience and as they move on to bigger challenges.

When a character dies, the player has a few options. Either the player waits for a resurrection spell, or "releases" the corpse and reappears at the nearest "safe point".

When waiting for a resurrection spell, there is not much that can be done. You cannot talk other than in private tells, so no shouting or speaking out of character ( /ooc ), you cannot activate anything within your inventory, nor cast any spells. Your camera view is just looking down upon your own corpse as it lays splayed upon the ground.

When you "release" your corpse, you will reappear at an explorer camp.

Unlike EQ Live, you will not be bare of all things; you will actually have your armor on you, but not in the same condition it was in. Your armor will be damaged, however you can take it to a local artisan or armor repair NPC to remedy that problem. If you die too many times, and your armor decays to 0%, it will automatically fall off, that is, it will be stored in your inventory until you get it fixed.

When dying, you will not loose the hard-earned level that you may have just gained, but you will loose spirit, which makes gaining that next level take longer. If you're nearby, you can take the time to run back to your corpse and collect the "spirit" that you'd left behind, and this will replenish a margin of the spirit lost when you died. The only way to fully recover from death is to regain the spirit by getting experience.

You can gain experience by either completing quests, finding new areas, or fighting mobs.

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