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Priest Achievements

Fighter Achievements

Mage Achievements

Scout Achievements

Players earn their new powers by completing quests, defeating notorious enemies, acquiring rare treasure, and exploring dangerous places. These accomplishments earn points that allow players to choose new powers and specialties to set their character apart from the crowd. Warriors may advance their training with a weapon of their choice, learning new combat abilities and customizing their fighting style. Mages can gain greater control of their arcane abilities, allowing them to adjust how they cast their spells to suit their preference. These decisions are important, as no one will be able to learn all of the specialties and must instead choose their own path to power.

It will take multiple achievements in order to earn an achievement level and buy new abilities.

Each exploration, enemy, or piece of treasure will only count as an achievement once and players will have to do many different achievements in order to complete their advancement.

Every class has 5 different achievement paths they may follow in order to customize their abilities. Players may choose to specialize their training in one path or spread their advancement to broaden their training.

Achievements can be earned by characters level 20 and above.

If any of this information is incorrect or you have something you would like to add please send an email to: eq2team@lqgaming.com

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