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For information on raiding, check out The Beginners Guide to Raiding

Raid Target Location Reentry Timer Intended Level
Hand of the Caldera Solusek's Eye Contested 50
Borxx Obelisk of Lost Souls Contested 50
King Zatan Everfrost Contestable 50
Tremblar the Behemoth Zek: The Deserted Mines 3 Days 50
Xiggalg The Fearfiend Cazic-Thule Contestable 50
Acrimoniad The Feerrot Contestable 50
Solusek's Fist Lavastorm Contestable 50
Alangria Permafrost Contestable 50
King Drayek Drayek's Chamber 18 hours 50
Rognog the Angler The Cove of Decay: Epic Angler 6 Days 50

If you would like to add information to one of these, or something is not correct, please send the EQ2Team an email so we can fix it!

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