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Current Phase

Here is the most recent information released about beta:

EverQuest II Beta Update - September 21, 2004

EQ II Beta Update from John Smedley

The EverQuest II Beta is proceeding extremely well. We've been running the English, French and German beta servers and have been really happy to see the responses from not only the people in North America, but also our friends in the UK, France and Germany. Soon we'll be opening up another English server, begin the open phase of our beta and lift the NDA.

On another note, we've almost nailed down the final number of CD's (or DVD's) for the retail box. It's looking like EQ II is going to ship on between 9 and 10 CD's or 2 DVD's. There is just a massive amount of content. People have been asking whether or not we intend to patch voiceover on an ongoing basis. The answer to that is yes. We'll be adding an optional "VO channel" to our patching system, so people that want to can receive constant VO updates as we add new quests to the game once it's been launched. Our intention is to always add more VO to the game when we're adding new quests.

Will this slow down adding live content? No... because we won't let it. If the quests get ahead of our ability to deliver VO, that's ok. But as it stands right now, we've been able to get our VO smoothly integrated into our quest creation process... and that's helped the quality of writing tremendously. It's really given a huge lift to the lore and fiction of EverQuest II and it's been awesome to see the process of weaving stories into this incredibly deep world become something that's really streamlined, including getting it recorded in English, French and German.

I look forward to seeing you in Beta!

John Smedley
President, Sony Online Entertainment

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EverQuest II Update - 9/06/2004

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update on the progress we're making in EverQuest II. We've been in a closed beta since July, and things have been progressing nicely. We've got almost 5,000 in this portion of the Beta and if things progress as they have been, that number will be increasing rapidly over the next couple of weeks.

Our goals during this phase are:

1. Make sure everyone's having fun.

2. Make sure all of the content is balanced and tuned with the help of our 3. Beta Testers. They're giving us great feedback and we're making sure that feedback is incorporated into every patch we do.

3. Bring the server population to the levels we expect to see when we launch, and then go over those numbers to make sure we can handle the load we're expecting.

In addition to our US servers, we recently opened up Closed Beta for our French and German localized servers in Europe, and we expect to be opening them up to a wider audience in the upcoming weeks. Our goal is to do a simultaneous release in North America and Europe a little later in the year. In the short term, you can expect to see us inviting a lot of the people that signed up for the European Beta. Our plan is to have anyone in North America or Europe being able to log into any server that they want to, but we will have specialized French and German servers for players that prefer to play in those languages.

Our goal is nothing short of one worldwide EverQuest II community, and it's a goal we're meeting.

The EverQuest II team is doing a terrific job keeping up with the insane pace of running a Beta, tuning content and polishing the game all the while still adding new and exciting features. In the upcoming weeks we'll be widening the Betas in North America and Europe to include a whole lot more people as we move forward. As we open the next phase of Beta, you'll also get your first look at some very exciting community features we're working on. We'll put out more information on these features soon.

Thanks for your support for the EverQuest II community!

John Smedley
President, Sony Online Entertainment

Click here to view this message at SOE's EverQuest II official page.

An EverQuest II Beta Update
Hello all,

Some weeks have passed since we began taking EverQuest II beta applications, so we thought the community was due for an update on the status of the beta program.

I'm happy to report that we're pleased by the things we've learned through our in-house testing and are now ready to expand this private phase by bringing in family members and other close associates to help us test the game further.

After this initial phase, we will begin inviting testers who qualify for special phases of our beta. This will start with our long-term Legends subscribers, followed by those who took advantage of our Lords of EverQuest preorder offer and other special promotions. This will be followed by a wider public beta consisting of people who applied on our official website, with preference given to long-term EverQuest subscribers. Those who won slots in beta through contests and giveaways will be invited sometime during this phase.

Our French, German, and British beta tests will be timed to coincide as much as possible with similar phases of the US beta. Applicants to the European beta will be contacted in the coming weeks with more details on those programs.

Finally, I thought it would be fun to share with you some details gleaned from our beta program since the last player wipe. Many of us have been playing at home until the wee hours of the morning, and it's interesting to see how some of these stats are shaping up.

The most-played adventure archetype is the fighter, followed by mage, priest, and scout. The most-played races are dark elf, half elf, and kerra; the least-played races are ogre, halfling, and troll. The ratonga are just edging out humans right in the center of the pack. The wealthiest character has nearly two gold to his name (remember, we're on a base 100 monetary system as opposed to EverQuest's base 10). Lots of characters already have multiple days played, so we're happy to report that people are having fun playing!

Thanks once again for your interest in EverQuest II. We're looking forward to seeing many of you in beta!

Steve Danuser
Community Manager, EverQuest II

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