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Introduction to Lore

Keep in mind.

    The lore of EverQuest 2 is not told by one man, but by many. Good and bad, alive and dead, books and stories. There is a great saying, "Do not believe everything you hear" and this is no exception. The story can get changed or modified based on who is telling you the story.

If Lucan is telling you a story of how he banished the Ashen Monks of Freeport, the story will differ than an Ashen Monk's take on what happened. The truth can mostly be found somewhere around in the middle, as truth does not come in black and white.

Here is a quote from Steve "Moorgard" Danuser:

"The only problem with some of the sites out there that collect EQ lore is their tendency to take liberties with their interpretation the material. Really the only stuff you can consider canon is what has appeared in manuals and in game. And in the case of the latter, even that is suspect, as some NPCs want to deliberately mislead you about history in order to serve their own purpose.

As for the history that takes place between EQ and EQ2, you will indeed be able to read a lot of it as we get closer to release. Some things, though, will be mysteries that you will have to solve."

*Some information compiled or written by Icksar.

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