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/whois Walnan

Who is Walnan?

A level 47 High Elf Magician

Walnan is sometimes considered an elusive NPC, who wanders around the great hills of the Butcherblock mountains, driving Magician players to pulling their hair out in their attempts to locate her. Why would a magician seek her out? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Walnan is part of a series of quests that a higher level magician character must go through to gain their many different epic items. Walnan is one of the pieces of the puzzle to gain a magician's epic weapon, the Orb of Mystery. Some sources also say that she can assist with the Focus of Primal Elements, a 2nd stage magician epic.

If you are a lower level magician, and hail her, she'll just plain ignore you. If you're a character of a different class, she'll tell you to go hunt something else, that your skill aren't worthy for her to speak with you, however, if you are a mid to higher level Magician, here is what the key to unlocking her mysteries:

Walnan says "Hello ____! I am Walnan, elementalist, summoner, wanderer, and sometimes teacher. Might you be a elementalist in search of the truth?"

YOU SAY, "I am in search of the truth"

Walnan says, "The truth is something not all people can handle or understand. If the truth of the elements is what you seek then the Power of the Elements shall reveal all. Have you come to learn of Magi'kot?"

YOU SAY, "I have come to learn of Magi'kot"

Walnan says, "Magi'kot was the most powerful elementalist of his age. He may have been the most powerful mortal mage of all time, such was his mastery. He wished to obtain infinite knowledge and wisdom in order to further expand the arcane art of Summoning. Do you know what became of Magi'kot?"


Walnan says, "Only a few elementalists and followers outside our circle know what truly happened to Magi'kot. Even now, many are fearful to speak of his name. If you truly wish to continue, here is what you must do. Gather the Power of the Earth, warded by a fae creature. Then seek the Power of Fire, held by an elemental. Next you will need the Power of Wind, held by a twirling and prancing wanderer who has been corrupted. Finally, the Power of Water, held by a ravenous beast who is the minion of a fallen Sarnak. Bring them all to me, and I shall give you the Power of the Elements."

At this point, give her the following 4 pages: Power of Earth Power of Fire Power of Wind Power of Water

Walnan says, "The arcane art of Summoning is derived from the power of the elements which surround us. Continue your journey across the Ocean of Tears. In a dark fortress, you should find Akksstaf lurking about. Be wary, but tell him that you seek Magi'kot. Hurry now ____ , you do not wish to miss the ship!"

She can be found wandering the trails between Kaladim and the docks, and has been reported to cut through areas and pause on top of various hills, including some of the really high ones that most don't generally take the time to even climb over, so look absolutely everywhere when trying to locate her. Also: She doesn't show up on a tracker's radar, even with her standing right next to the tracker.

See also Blade of Walnan
A magician summoned blade.
Use: To be given to magician pets.
Will not work for a Player


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