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Everquest News

Top Known Issues - updated

 posted by: Leonai_art on Friday, June 2 @ 8:04 pm

"Now wait a cotton-pickin' minute here...

There's actualy an update? I mean, a real one, not just a date change at the top of the page, and that's it? You're telling me there's a real update?"

The above was my response when looking at the top known issues! Holy Antonica! There really was an update!

2 new items have come to SOE's attention and have been posted up on their "Top known customer service issues" page. So of course, we're bringing it here locally so that you can easily find the information!

The 2 new issues are fairly drastic, actually.

You know those neat evolving items? Yeah, the ones that some call useless and others thing are gems? Well now they're causing mayham. In some random cases (yep, actualy random), when your character levels, it will kick you back to the character select screen AND it'll roll your character back. They don't mention what state your character will be rolled back to, but they are saying that they're very aware of the issue and are looking at fixing it asap.

The second new issue is related to a gathering of NPCs. They're all grouping together in the Ruins of Illsalin Arena, which is causing very severe lag.

To view the rest of the Top Known issues, [Click Here]

Name Reservations for the Combine Server Openning!

 posted by: Leonai_art on Thursday, June 1 @ 8:37 am

As of the 31st (yesterday), Sony Online Entertainment has openned up the ability for you as a future player on the server, to reserve your name before the server even opens up!

The Combine (Progression Server) will be available on May 31st for all current subscribers to log in and reserve a name for the launch on June 28th. The Combine server will open between 10am and 12pm PDT for name reservations only and will remain open until June 26th. Only one character per account will be allowed.

When the server goes live you will be able to fill all 8 character slots but for the sake of fairness we are limiting the pre-launch naming to a single character per account. Keep in mind that until later expansions are unlocked, Iksar, Frogloks, Vah Shir, beastlords, and berserkers will not be available for character selection.

Naming Server Fact Sheet
* Opening: May 31st between 10am and 12pm PDT
* Closing: June 26th
* Character Limit: Naming will be limited to a single character per account although the live server will allow the full set of 8.
* Race Limit: Iksar, Vah Shir, and Froglok are not available.
* Class Limit: Berserker and beastlord are not available.
You can get to The Combine to reserve your name once it is available as you would log into any other server on the main Live Server Select screen. You can get to The Combine to reserve your name once it is available as you would log into any other server on the main Live Server Select screen.

So be sure to get your name preregistered by the 26th of June, or your name may just be taken right out from under you by someone else.

New guide - for new players!

 posted by: Leonai_art on Tuesday, May 30 @ 10:22 pm

One of the posts on our forums reminded me that the newest User Interface has caused a few question marks as to how to get things set up. For the most part, everything is self explanatory, but some things are left to question.

So, in light of that, I have created a guide to assist new EverQuest players in finding their way to the abilities and skills menu that used to be a standard part of the learning curve of EverQuest.

Abilities and Skills - a How To with the New User Interface(UI)

Wallpaper of Nastolgia

 posted by: Leonai_art on Thursday, May 25 @ 11:22 pm

With the updates in graphics that have been occuring all over EverQuest with each new expansion, more and more of the old content is being redone, so I felt that it was a great idea to go around and take as many screenshots of some of the most memorable places around the world within EverQuest before they get revamped.

This week's wallpaper feature is: Iceclad

I couldn't decide which to choose from! So instead of creating only 1 shot for a wallpaper, I release to you 3 newly created desktop wallpaper for your viewing pleasure.

Click to View our Wallpaper Galleries

New Screenshots

 posted by: Leonai_art on Thursday, May 25 @ 11:19 pm

There are new screenshots in our player submitted galleries, specifically from Iceclad.

This zone... its breathtaking in two ways. Just absolutely beautiful, but also, regardless of what level you are, there are a lot of mobs that want to kick you in the gut regardless of what you're doing!

Anyhow, be sure to check out the screenshots that have been added to the gallery.

Click to View

Yesterday's beta waiting fun

 posted by: Leonai_art on Thursday, May 25 @ 10:48 am

Did you miss out on the fun of yesterday's beta forum craze?

Well we have some entertainment for you! I'm going through the official forums and am compiling 2 compolations:

Random Dev Comments

- and -

Useful Combine Comments

Click on one of the above links to view.

EQ Progressional server beta!

 posted by: Leonai_art on Wednesday, May 24 @ 8:01 pm

It's up and ready to rock!

But don't click that link just yet. Unless you have a code or try to sign up during the times that they have open and available for signing up, you can't even sign up to get in!

Regardless, the link to sign up when it IS active is Here

It's 12:10, and still...

 posted by: Leonai_art on Wednesday, May 24 @ 2:15 pm

It's 12:10 pacific time, and still no sighting of beta for the Combines Server.

For those of you that are waiting, maybe striking up a topic is in order.

Is there a specific area on the Combines server that you'd really like to check out?

The super secret not so secret forum post

 posted by: Leonai_art on Wednesday, May 24 @ 11:01 am


Kytherea is talking!
Soon we will be opening up beta sign-ups for The Combine server. Here is the schedule of times the sign ups will be available.

Wednesday 24th 11:00am & 4:00pm PDT
Thursday 25th 11:00am & 4:00pm PDT
Tuesday 30th 11:00am & 4:00pm PDT
Wednesday 31st 11:00am & 4:00pm PDT

Next week, when I get the link to the sign up page I will post it here as well so you will know where to go.

No link has been posted for the above mentioned event... so we are all just waiting.

E3 2006 Gamers Choice Poll

 posted by: Draknorr on Tuesday, May 23 @ 12:42 am

Our E3 Coverage has come to a close, but we have one last award to give away - our Gamers Choice award.

This award is chosen by you - what game had the best E3 showing? You can vote here and have a say in our final award!


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