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Database :: Quests :: Abysmal Bard Armor

Abysmal Bard Armor  Submit Info
RecommendedLevel: 65
Quest RatingExperience & Reward: Amazing (10+)
Rewarded ItemsLuvwen's Chestplate of Melody
Luvwen's Helm of Melody
Luvwen's Gauntlets of Melody
Luvwen's Vambraces of Melody
Luvwen's Bracer of Melody
Starting NPCLuvwen Arrya
Related NPCsNalasrine Twinklecoil
Starting ZoneAbysmal Sea
Related ZonesInktu'ta
DescriptionLuvwen Arrya can craft Luvwen's Armor of Melody for bards.

Give him a Muramite Armor Piece (Boots, Bracer, etc) from one of the upper tier GoD zones (Qvic, Inku'ta are confirmed to drop these molds) and he will give you back a worked version of this armor, which you will need later.

Before you do though you need to make 1-3 sheets of Infused Muramite Metal. Bracer needs one sheet, breastplate three, all others two. Before you can create Infused Muramite Metal you must create Muramite Metal Sheets. These are tradeable and are not trivial even to GM blacksmiths. The recipe for Muramite Metal Sheets is:

Meldstone + Smithy Hammer + Water Flask in a Forge.

Meldstone's can be found in various higher tier GoD zones including Kod'Taz and Qvic. They are rare random drops.

The recipe for Infused Muramite Metal is:

Muramite Metal Sheet + Nalasrine's Superior Plate Solvent in a Forge. This has a trivial value of 198, which means you will need to do some smithing.

Nalasrine's Superior Plate Solvent can be bought from Nalasrine Twinklecoil for 10,000 platinum.

Once you have created all of the components you can combine the following in a forge for your armor:

Muramite Armor Piece + 1-3 Infused Muramite Metal Sheets in a Forge.

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June 5, 2006