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EQPlayers FAQ

This FAQ is populated with common questions about the EQPlayers.com website. Other related top known issues have been reported and are available on our eqplayers.com forums at the following location:

How do I update my characters information?
You must login to EverQuest in order for all of your character's information to be collected. Every time your character is auto saved we will check to see if anything needs updating in our database.

Alternatively, once every 24 hours you may execute the /eqplayersupdate command which will do a force update of everything about your character. We recommend that the first time you login you run this command once to get everything as it should be for your character.

My account has expired/subscription is inactive, can I still update my information?
Yes! For a limited time we have reactivated EverQuest accounts for anyone who has not had a current subscription for more than 45 days. Just login with your user name and pasword by 11:59 P.M. (PST) January 13, 2006 and you can play from the day you login for free for 21 days! If you wish to keep playing past this time you just need to resubscribe. You can do that by clicking here.

Visit the Return to EverQuest page for more details.

I don't show up on any leaderboards?
Many of the leaderboards are calculated on statistics that can only be obtained when you login to the game. You will need to login and run the /eqplayersupdate command to get your data sent into the system. You will then appear in the leaderboards and be ranked correctly the next time we generate them.

We update our leaderboards once a day, so you may not show up until tomorrow even if you run the /eqplayersupdate command.

I show up on leaderboards but everything is 0, whats going on?
Be sure to login and run the /eqplayersupdate command. This will ensure your correct values are used in the next leaderboard generation.

I created a character today, why can't I find them?
Our character search functionality is updated once a day, so you'll be able to find your character tomorrow. However if you sign in to the site you should be able to find your characters at the bottom of the Character page (from the left menu) within 1 hour of creating them and executing the /eqplayersupdate command.

Something on my character isn't right!
EQ Players is a complex tool that assembles the hundreds of files that represent your "character" on the game server into a database we can then use to present information to you. While we have taken all possible care to ensure that data is correct, there's always the chance something is not happening as it should.

If you have run the /eqplayersupdate command and within a few hours still see something that is just not correct please email our QA department at eqplayersqa@soe.sony.com.

How much does EQ Players cost?
EQ Players contains many services that are considered part of your subscription to EverQuest or Station Access. These include things like Guild Websites, Basic Character Profiles, a small Image Gallery, Canned Leaderboards, Class Spell & Skill lists and more.

You can purchase additional premium features that expand these services individually for US$0.99 per month or for US$2.99 per month you can get all of the premium features. To subscribe simply click here.

To let people see the full suite of EQ Players services we have made all the premium features freely accessible for EverQuest players until 11:59 P.M. (PST) December 29, 2005.

How often are the leaderboards and rankings calculated?
We calculate these daily.

Do I need to update each character individually?
Yes you will need to log in each character that you wish to have updated and run the /eqplayersupdate command on them to get their data into the system.

Do I need to run this every time I want to update my character?
No. Just once should be fine. Then it will auto update as you continue playing.

Can I update my guild information in a similar manner?
If you are the guild leader you can update your guild's membership status, and other information by running the /eqplayersguildupdate command. Once again, this can only be used once every 24 hours.

How long does it take for my characters information to show?
It may take up to 4 hours for your characters information to show up on the website. Most times it will be less than 30 minutes.

I don't want people to see everything about me, can I enable any privacy settings?
By default all of your pages are publically viewable. You can easily turn off any areas you may wish to by Signing-In to the site and then accessing your Character Admin area from the left menu (in the Characters Menu Group).

I still show up on leaderboards with my statistics, how do I get off them?
We will soon be adding a new option so you can also choose to not be ranked. There is no definite time frame on when this will be available however.

Does our guild get a free website?
Yes it will. We hope to be launching this for EverQuest Guilds in the very near future.

Do you have any kind of XML or CSV or our guild rosters available?
Yes we do! You can get links to these from your Guild Summary page on EQ Players.

Are there any other things that will be added to EQ Players?
Yes we have many plans for future additions to the EQ Players service. Some of these include:

Item Discovery Tracking and Daily Discovered Item Lists
EverQuest Chat from the Web
Web Based EverQuest Mail Management
Guild Bank
Adventure Leaderboards
In Game Title Display
Spirit Shroud Display
Evolving Item Support
Much more!

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